July 7 Birthdays :148 Famous People Birthdays on 7 July

Ringo Starr Birthday (July 7th)

Ringo Starr Birth Details Ringo Starr was born on 7th July in the year 1940.  Importance Ringo Starr is an English musician, singer, songwriter and actor.  Ringo Starr is best known as a drumer for The Beatles. Ringo Starr was in Dingle, Liverpool.  Ringo....

David McCullough Birthday (July 7th)

David McCullough Birth Details David Gaub McCullough was born on July 7, 1933 in Pennsylvania. David McCullough Early Life David McCullough was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. David McCullough is an author, narrator, and lecturer. David McCullough has won the Pulitzer Prize tw....

July 7 Birthday Wishes

July 7 Birthday Wishes

They say sometimes its hard to understand‚ but time tells truth. The truth is that I wish you a very happy birthday.

May all of your wishes come true - today and always. Happy Birthday.

July 7Birthday Quotes

'I used to go to musicals every birthday - that was my birthday present. We’d go to London‚ me and my two brothers and mum and dad. I think I saw ’Mamma Mia’ about five times.'

Lily James

'A man of sixty has spent twenty years in bed and over three years in eating.'

Arnold Bennett

People Born on July 7

Year Name
1528 Archduchess Anna of Austria daughter of Ferdinand I (d. 1590)
1586 Thomas Howard 21st Earl of Arundel‚ English statesman and art collector (d. 1646)
1656 Guru Har Krishan Indian religious figure (d. 1664)
1746 Giuseppe Piazzi Italian astronomer (d. 1826)
1752 Joseph-Marie Jacquard French inventor (d. 1834)
1766 Guillaume Philibert Duhesme French general (d. 1815)
1843 Camillo Golgi Italian physician‚Nobel laureate (d. 1926)
1848 Francisco de Paula Rodrigues Alves Brazilian politician (d. 1919)
1851 Charles Tindley American gospel music composer (d. 1933)
1855 Ludwig Ganghofer German writer (d. 1920)
1860 Gustav Mahler Austrian composer (d. 1911)
1874 Erwin Bumke German jurist (d. 1945)
1884 Lion Feuchtwanger German dramatist (d. 1958)
1887 Marc Chagall Russian painter (d. 1985)
1891 Virginia Rappe American actress (d. 1921)
1893 Miroslav Krle?a Croatian writer (d. 1981)
1899 George Cukor American director (d. 1983)
1900 Earle E. Partridge American military commander (d. 1990)
1901 Vittorio De Sica Italian director (d. 1974)
1901 Sam Katzman American film producer (d. 1973)
1901 Eiji Tsuburaya Japanese film producer (d. 1970)
1902 Ted Radcliffe American baseball player and centenarian (d. 2005)
1904 Simone Beck French chef (d. 1991)
1906 William Feller Croatian mathematician (d. 1970)
1906 Satchel Paige American baseball player (d. 1982)
1906 Anton Karas Austrian zither player (d. 1985)
1906 Anna Marie Hahn German-born American serial killer (d. 1938)
1907 Robert A. Heinlein American writer (d. 1988)
1908 Revilo P. Oliver American academic and White nationalism advocate (d. 1994)
1911 Gian Carlo Menotti Italian composer (d. 2007)
1913 Pinetop Perkins American blues pianist
1915 Margaret Abigail Walker Alexander American novelist and poet (d. 1998)
1917 Fidel Sanchez Hernandez El Salvador politician (d. 2003)
1919 Jon Pertwee English actor (d. 1996)
1920 Bhaktaraj Maharaj Indian Hindu figure (d. 1995)
1921 Adolf von Thadden German politician (d. 1996)
1921 Ezzard Charles American boxer (d. 1975)
1922 Pierre Cardin French fashion designer
1922 Alan Armer American television producer‚and director (d. 2010)
1924 Mary Ford American singer (d. 1977)
1925 Wally Phillips American radio personality (d. 2008)
1927 Doc Severinsen American composer and jazz trumpeter
1927 Charlie Louvin American country music singer-songwriter (Louvin Brothers)
1929 Hasan Abidi Pakistani journalist and poet (d. 2005)
1930 Hank Mobley American jazz composer and saxophonist (d. 1986)
1930 Theodore Edgar McCarrick American Catholic Cardinal
1931 David Eddings American fantasy novelist (d. 2009)
1932 Joe Zawinul Austrian jazz composer and keyboardist (d. 2007)
1933 Murray Halberg New Zealand middle distance runner
1933 David McCullough American historian and author
1933 Bruce Wells English boxer and actor
1936 Nikos Xilouris Greek singer (d. 1980)
1936 Jo Siffert Swiss race car driver (d. 1971)
1937 Tung Chee-Hwa Hong Kong administrator
1940 Ringo Starr English drummer and singer (The Beatles)
1941 Marco Bollesan Italian rugby player and coach
1941 Michael Howard British politician
1941 Bill Oddie English comedian and ornithologist
1942 Carmen Duncan Australian actress
1943 Toto Cutugno Italian singer
1943 Joel Siegel American film critic (d. 2007)
1945 Michael Ancram British politician
1945 Matti Salminen Finnish opera singer
1946 Joe Spano American actor
1947 Felix Standaert Belgian diplomat
1947 Howard Rheingold American critic and writer
1947 Gyanendra deposed king of Nepal
1947 Rob Townsend English drummer (Family)
1947 Victor Manuel Spanish songwriter and singer
1948 Jean Leclerc French-Canadian actor
1949 Shelley Duvall American actress
1952 Mando Guerrero Mexican professional wrestler
1954 Rami Fortis Israeli rock singer (Minimal Compact)
1955 Len Barker American baseball player
1957 Jonathan Dayton American film director
1957 Berry Sakharof Turkish-born Israeli guitarist (Minimal Compact)
1959 Billy Campbell American actor
1959 Jessica Hahn American model
1959 Ben Linder American engineer (d. 1987)
1960 Kevin A. Ford American astronaut
1960 Ralph Sampson American basketball player
1963 Vonda Shepard American singer
1965 Paula Devicq Canadian actress
1965 Mo Collins American actress
1965 Jeremy Kyle English television presenter
1965 Jeremy Guscott English rugby player
1966 Jim Gaffigan American comedian
1966 Gundula Krause German folk violinist
1966 Neil Tobin American magician and psychic entertainer
1967 Tom Kristensen Danish race car driver
1967 Jackie Neal American singer (d. 2005)
1968 Amy Carlson American actress
1968 Jorja Fox American actress
1968 Allen Payne American actor
1968 Jeff VanderMeer American writer
1969 Sylke Otto German luger
1969 Joe Sakic Canadian ice hockey player
1969 Nathalie Simard French Canadian singer
1969 Cree Summer American voice actress
1969 Robin Weigert American actress
1970 Wayne McCullough Irish boxer
1970 Erik Zabel German cyclist
1970 Robia LaMorte American actress and dancer
1971 Alistair Potts British rower
1971 Christian Camargo American actor
1972 Lisa Leslie American basketball player
1972 Kirsten Vangsness American actress
1972 Manfred Stohl Austrian rally driver
1973 Troy Garity American actor
1973 Jose Jimenez Dominican baseball player
1973 Matt Mantei American baseball player
1973 Karlis Skrastins Latvian ice hockey player
1973 Natsuki Takaya Japanese manga-ka
1974 Patrick Lalime Canadian ice hockey player
1975 Tony Benshoof American luger
1975 Michael Voss Australian rules footballer
1976 Dominic Foley Irish footballer
1977 Felix Vasquez American municipal employee
1978 Chris Andersen American basketball player
1978 Davor Kraljevic Croatian footballer
1979 Anastasios Gousis Greek sprinter
1979 Carl Breeze British racing driver
1980 John Buck American baseball player
1980 Deidre Downs American beauty queen
1980 Michelle Kwan American figure skater
1980 Kaisa Jouhki Indonesian singer (Battlelore)
1980 Dan Whitesides American drummer (The Used)
1981 Synyster Gates American guitarist (Avenged Sevenfold)
1981 Mahendra Singh Dhoni Indian cricketer
1982 Cassidy American rapper
1982 Mike Glita American bassist (Senses Fail)
1982 Nick Karner American filmmaker
1982 George Owu Ghanaian footballer
1983 Justin Davies Australian rules footballer
1983 D. Woods American singer (Danity Kane)
1983 Ciara Newell Irish singer (Bellefire)
1984 Minas Alozidis Greek hurdler
1984 Mohammad Ashraful Bangladeshi cricketer
1984 Marie-Mai Canadian singer
1986 Ana Kasparian American radio personality
1986 Udo Schwarz German rugby player
1987 Steven Crowder American comedian
1987 Lena Ma Canadian beauty pageant contestant
1988 Kaci Brown American singer
1988 Lukas Rosenthal German rugby player
1988 Ilan Rubin American drummer (Nine Inch Nails)
1989 Giannoulis Fakinos Greek footballer
1989 Kim Bum South Korean actor