July 6 Birthdays :130 Famous People Birthdays on 6 July

George W. Bush Birthday (July 6th)

George W. Bush was born on 6th July in the year 1946. Importance George W. Bush is the recent President of the USA. George W. Bush was 43rd President of the United States George W. Bush was also elected as the 46th Governor of the city of Texas from the year 1995 to 2000. George....

Dalai Lama Biography

Tenzin Gyastso is the current Dalai Lama as 14th of the generation. He is also the temporal leader of Tibetan. Dalai Lama was born on June 6th 1935 and is considered to be one of the predecessors. He is also referred as His Holiness Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyastso, well known as the spiritual leader o....

July 6 Birthday Wishes

July 6 Birthday Wishes

They say that Devices that apply pressure to certain points on the skull can create a deep sense of relaxation. So can singing Happy Birthday.

May a happy star always light your path. best wishes for a Happy Birthday.

July 6Birthday Quotes

'Lucy took care of me on the set‚ and made sure that none of the crew cussed around me. She also had birthday parties for me and made sure that they were well attended.'

Keith Thibodeaux

'A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remembers her age.'

Robert Frost

People Born on July 6

Year Name
1686 Antoine de Jussieu French naturalist (d. 1758)
1736 Daniel Morgan American battlefield tactician (d. 1802)
1747 John Paul Jones American naval commander (d. 1792)
1766 Alexander Wilson Scottish-born naturalist (d. 1813)
1781 Sir Stamford Raffles British statesman (d. 1826)
1782 Maria Luisa of Spain Duchess of Lucca and Queen of Etruria (d. 1824)
1785 William Jackson Hooker English botanist (d. 1865)
1789 Maria Isabella of Spain Queen consort of the Two Sicilies‚ wife of Francis I of the Two Sicilies (d. 1846)
1817 Albert von Kolliker Swiss anatomist (d. 1905)
1818 Adolf Anderssen German chess player (d. 1879)
1837 Ramakrishna Gopal Bhandarkar Indian scholar (d. 1925)
1838 Vatroslav Jagic Croatian Slavic studies scholar (d. 1923)
1859 Verner von Heidenstam Swedish poet and novelist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1940)
1865 emile Jaques-Dalcroze Swiss composer and music educator (d. 1950)
1868 Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom member of the British Royal Family (d. 1935)
1878 Eino Leino Finnish poet (d. 1926)
1884 Harold Stirling Vanderbilt American railroad executive‚ yachtsman and bridge player‚ member of the Vanderbilt family (d. 1970)
1885 Ernst Busch German field marshal (d. 1945)
1886 Marc Bloch French historian (d.1994)
1887 Annette Kellerman Australian swimmer (d. 1975)
1897 Richard Krautheimer German-American art historian (d.1994)
1898 Hanns Eisler German composer (d. 1962)
1900 Frederica Sagor Maas American playwright and supercentenarian
1903 Hugo Theorell Swedish biochemist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1982)
1904 Erik Wickberg Swedish 9th General of the Salvation Army (d. 1996)
1907 Frida Kahlo Mexican painter (d. 1954)
1907 George Stanley Canadian politician and designer of the flag of Canada (d. 2002)
1912 Heinrich Harrer Austrian mountaineer (d. 2006)
1914 Vince McMahon Sr. American wrestling promoter (d. 1984)
1916 Harold Norse American writer (d. 2009)
1917 Arthur Lydiard New Zealand running coach (d. 2004)
1918 Sebastian Cabot English actor (d. 1977)
1919 Ernst Haefliger Swiss singer (d. 2007)
1921 Nancy Reagan First Lady of the United States
1923 Wojciech Jaruzelski Polish Communist politician‚ Prime Minister and President of Poland
1925 Gazi Yasargil Turkish medical scientist and neurosurgeon (d. 1993)
1925 Merv Griffin American television show host (d. 2007)
1925 Bill Haley American singer (Bill Haley & His Comets) (d. 1981)
1927 Jan Hein Donner Dutch chess player (d. 1988)
1927 Alan Freeman Australian-born British DJ and radio personality (d. 2006)
1927 Janet Leigh American actress (d. 2004)
1927 Pat Paulsen American comedian (d. 1997)
1927 Nilo Soruco Bolivian songwriter (d. 2004)
1930 Balamurali Krishna Indian Carnatic musician‚ poet and composer.
1931 Jean Campeau French-Canadian businessman and politician
1931 Della Reese American singer and actress
1933 Frank Austin English footballer
1935 Candy Barr American stripper and actress (d. 2005)
1935 Tenzin Gyatso 14th Dalai Lama and Nobel Peace Prize laureate
1936 Dave Allen Irish comedian (d. 2005)
1937 Vladimir Ashkenazy Russian-born pianist and conductor
1937 Ned Beatty American actor
1937 Gene Chandler American soul singer
1938 Luana Patten American actress (d. 1996)
1939 Jet Harris English bassist (The Shadows)
1940 Nursultan Nazarbayev Kazakh politician‚ 1st President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
1940 Jeannie Seely American country music singer
1941 Reinhard Roder German football player and manager
1945 Rodney Matthews English fantasy artist and illustrator
1945 Burt Ward American actor
1946 George W. Bush 43rd President of the United States
1946 Fred Dryer American football player and actor
1946 Peter Singer Australian philosopher
1946 Sylvester Stallone American actor
1947 Richard Beckinsale English actor (d. 1979)
1947 Lance Clemons American baseball player (d. 2008)
1948 Nathalie Baye French actress
1948 Jean-Pierre Blackburn French-Canadian politician
1948 Tom Curley American media executive
1948 Brad Park Canadian ice hockey player
1949 Phyllis Hyman American soul singer and actress (d. 1995)
1950 John Byrne American comic book author and artist
1950 Hel?ne Scherrer Canadian politician
1951 Geoffrey Rush Australian actor
1953 Nanci Griffith American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1954 Allyce Beasley American actress
1954 Willie Randolph American baseball player
1955 Frank Sontag American radio personality
1955 William Wall Irish writer
1956 Casey Sander American actor
1957 Ron Duguay Canadian ice hockey player
1958 Jennifer Saunders English actress‚ comedienne and screenwriter
1959 Richard Dacoury French basketball player
1960 Asahifuji Seiya Japanese sumo wrestler‚ the 63rd Yokozuna
1961 Robin Antin American reality television personality and model
1961 Rick Price Australian singer-songwriter
1963 Todd Burns American baseball player
1963 Lance Johnson American baseball player
1964 Cristina D'Avena Italian singer and actress
1966 Brian Posehn American actor
1967 James Hannon American filmmaker
1967 Heather Nova Bermudian singer-songwriter
1967 Omar Olivares Puerto Rican baseball player
1968 Gaspare Manos Italian painter and sculptor
1969 Brian Van Holt American actor
1969 Fernando Redondo Argentine footballer
1970 Inspectah Deck American rapper
1971 Kenya D. Williamson American actress
1972 Isabelle Boulay French-Canadian singer
1972 Greg Norton American baseball player
1972 Mark Gasser British pianist
1974 Ze Roberto Brazilian footballer
1974 Babi Xavier Brazilian presenter and actress
1975 50 Cent American rapper
1975 Amir-Abbas Fakhravar Iranian journalist and activist
1975 Sebastian Rulli Argentine actor
1977 Con Blatsis Australian footballer
1977 Craig Handley Welsh film director
1977 Makhaya Ntini South African cricketer
1978 Tamera Mowry American actress
1978 Tia Mowry American actress
1978 Kevin Senio New Zealand rugby player
1979 Nic Cester Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist (Jet)
1980 Kenny Deuchar Scottish Footballer and Doctor
1980 Pau Gasol Spanish basketball player
1980 Joell Ortiz American hip hop artist
1981 Nnamdi Asomugha American football player
1982 Brandon Jacobs American football player
1983 Gregory Smith Canadian actor
1984 Lauren Harris British rock singer
1986 Sarah Gronert German tennis player
1986 Derrick Williams American football player
1987 Kate Nash English singer-songwriter
1987 Matt O'Leary American actor
1987 Caroline Trentini Brazilian model
1990 Ajoo South Korean singer
1990 Jamal Idris Australian Rugby League player
1990 Jeremy Suarez American actor
1994 Camilla Rosso English actress
1994 Rebecca Rosso English actress