July 28 Birthdays :146 Famous People Birthdays on 28 July

Bill Bradley Birthday (July 28th)

William Warren "Bill" Bradley an American Politician and former basketball player was born on 28th July, 1943 in Crystal City, Missouri. Rhodes researcher and earlier U.S.Senator from New Jersey and presidentship applicant, who contrasting to Vice President Al Gore for the nomination of....

July 28 Birthday Wishes

July 28 Birthday Wishes

Reach for the stars. You can do it. Happy Birthday.

May your life be filled with laughs and smiles. Happy Birthday!

July 28Birthday Quotes

'I celebrated my 18th birthday in Japan‚ which was quite memorable; I was quite fascinated by the different traditions and the culture; it was so completely different to Australian culture.'

Miranda Kerr

'Presents don’t really mean much to me. I don’t want to sound mawkish‚ but - it was the realization that I have a great many people in my life who really love me‚ and who I really love.'

Gabriel Byrne

People Born on July 28

Year Name
1347 Queen Margaret of Durazzo consort of Charles III of Naples (d. 1412)
1659 Charles Ancillon French Huguenot pastor (d. 1715)
1746 Thomas Heyward Jr. American signer of the Declaration of Independence (d. 1809)
1796 Ignaz Bosendorfer Austrian piano manufacturer (d. 1859)
1804 Ludwig Feuerbach German philosopher (d. 1872)
1815 Stefan Dunjov Bulgarian military figure (d. 1889)
1844 Gerard Manley Hopkins English poet (d. 1889)
1857 Ballington Booth English-born Salvation Army officer (d. 1940)
1860 Elias M. Ammons American politician (d. 1925)
1863 Hussein Khan Nakhichevanski Russian general (d. 1919)
1866 Beatrix Potter English author (d. 1943)
1867 Charles Dillon Perrine American-born Argentine astronomer (d. 1951)
1872 Albert Sarraut French politician (d. 1962)
1874 Ernst Cassirer German philosopher (d. 1945)
1879 Lucy Burns American suffragist (d. 1966)
1887 Marcel Duchamp French painter (d. 1968)
1891 Ron Oxenham Australian cricketer (d. 1939)
1896 Barbara La Marr American actress (d. 1926)
1898 Lawrence Gray American actor (d. 1970)
1900 Catherine Dale Owen American actress (d. 1965)
1901 Rudy Vallee American entertainer (d. 1986)
1901 Freddie Fitzsimmons American baseball player (d. 1979)
1902 Karl Popper Austrian-born British philosopher (d. 1994)
1907 Earl Tupper American inventor of Tupperware (d. 1983)
1909 Malcolm Lowry English novelist (d. 1957)
1914 Carmen Dragon American composer (d. 1984)
1915 Charles Townes American physicist‚ Nobel laureate
1916 David Brown American film producer (d. 2010)
1922 Jacques Piccard Belgian-born Swiss undersea explorer (d. 2008)
1923 Ray Ellis American record producer and arranger (d. 2008)
1924 C.T. Vivian American Civil Rights Movement activist
1925 Baruch Samuel Blumberg American physician‚ Nobel laureate
1926 Charlie Biddle American-born Quebec jazz bassist (d. 2003)
1927 John Ashbery American poet
1929 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis First Lady of the United States (d. 1994)
1930 Jean Roba Belgian comics author (d. 2006)
1930 Junior Kimbrough American blues guitarist and vocalist (d. 1998)
1930 Ramsey Muir Withers Canadian military figure
1931 Johnny Martin Australian cricketer (d. 1992)
1932 Natalie Babbitt American author and illustrator of children's books
1933 Charlie Hodge French Canadian ice hockey player
1934 Jacques d'Amboise American choreographer
1935 Simon Dee British television broadcaster (d. 2009)
1936 Russ Jackson Canadian football player
1936 Garfield Sobers Barbadian cricketer
1937 Francis Veber French film director and screenwriter
1938 Alberto Fujimori Peruvian politician
1938 Chuan Leekpai Thai politician
1938 Ian McCaskill Scottish weather forecaster
1938 Luis Aragones Spanish football manager
1940 Philip Proctor American comedian
1941 Peter Cullen Canadian voice actor
1941 Riccardo Muti Italian conductor
1941 Susan Roces Filipino actress
1942 Marty Brennaman American sportscaster
1942 Tonia Marketaki Greek film director and screenwriter (d. 1994)
1943 Mike Bloomfield American guitarist (d. 1981)
1943 Bill Bradley American basketball player and politician
1943 Richard Wright English keyboardist (Pink Floyd) (d. 2008)
1945 Jim Davis American cartoonist (Garfield)
1946 Jonathan Edwards American singer and songwriter
1946 Linda Kelsey American actress
1946 Fahmida Riaz Pakistani writer and feminist
1948 Gerald Casale American vocalist
1948 Georgia Engel American actress
1948 Sally Struthers American actress
1949 Steve Peregrin Took English singer (d. 1980)
1949 Vida Blue American baseball player
1949 Peter Doyle Australian singer (The New Seekers) (d. 2001)
1949 Randall Wallace American screenwriter and film producer
1950 Shahyar Ghanbari Iranian poet
1951 Anthony A. Williams American politician
1951 Doug Collins American basketball player and coach
1951 Santiago Calatrava Spanish architect
1952 Yoshitaka Amano Japanese artist
1952 Vajiralongkorn Crown Prince of Thailand
1954 Bruce Abbott American actor
1954 Hugo Chavez 52nd President of Venezuela
1954 Gerd Faltings German mathematician
1954 Steve Morse American guitarist
1954 Mikey Sheehy Irish Gaelic footballer
1955 Nikolay Zimyatov Russian cross-country skier
1958 Terry Fox Canadian athlete and activist (d. 1981)
1958 Michael Hitchcock American actor
1959 William T. Vollman American novelist and essayist
1960 Luiz Fernando Carvalho Brazilian film director
1960 Yoichi Takahashi Japanese mangaka
1961 Yannick Dalmas French race car driver
1961 Alexander Kurlovitch Soviet weightlifter
1961 Harlem Yu Taiwanese singer/songwriter
1962 Rachel Sweet American singer
1963 Beverley Craven British singer
1964 Lori Loughlin American actress
1965 Priscilla Chan Hong Kong singer
1965 Delfeayo Marsalis American jazz trombonist and record producer
1966 Shikao Suga Japanese singer-songwriter
1967 Taka Hirose Japanese bassist
1969 Garth Snow American ice hockey player
1969 Alexis Arquette American actor
1969 Dana White American professional sports executive
1970 Michael Amott Swedish guitarist
1970 Isabelle Brasseur Canadian figure skater
1970 Paul Strang Zimbabwian cricketer
1971 Stephen Lynch American comedian and singer-songwriter
1971 Annie Perreault Canadian short-track speed skater
1972 Elizabeth Berkley American actress
1972 Ed Templeton American skateboarder
1972 Yeom Jeong-ah South Korean actress
1972 Robert Chapman English cricketer
1973 Steve Staios Canadian ice hockey player
1973 Marc Dupre Quebec humorist and singer
1974 Justin Lee Collins British comedian
1975 Leonor Watling Spanish actress and singer
1976 Jacoby Shaddix American singer
1977 Manu Ginbili Argentine basketball player
1977 Aki Berg Finnish ice hockey player
1978 Hitomi Yaida Japanese singer-songwriter
1978 Jacob Oram New Zealand cricketer
1979 Lee Minwoo Korean singer
1979 Birgitta Haukdal Icelandic singer
1979 Henrik Hansen Danish footballer
1979 Alena Popchanka French swimmer
1979 James Piotr Montague British writer and journalist
1980 Stephen Christian American singer
1980 Noel Sullivan Welsh reality television contestant
1981 Nancy Alexiadi Greek singer
1981 Michael Carrick English footballer
1981 Billy Aaron Brown American actor
1981 Jo In Sung South Korean actor
1982 agusta Eva Erlendsdttir Icelandic singer and actress
1982 Tom Pelphrey American actor
1983 Cody Hay Canadian figure skater
1984 DeMeco Ryans American football player
1984 Zach Parise American ice hockey player
1984 John David Washington American actor and football player
1985 Dustin Milligan Canadian actor
1985 Sharifah Sofia Malaysian actress
1986 Alexandra Chando American actress
1988 Ayla Brown American singer
1988 Dan Rekant the man
1990 Simone Pizzuti Italian footballer
1990 Shana Swash English actress
1990 Soulja Boy Tell 'Em American rapper
1992 George Spencer-Churchill Earl of Sunderland
1993 Hannah Lochner Canadian actress
1166 Henry II Count of Champagne and King of Jerusalem (d. 1197)