July 24 Birthdays :150 Famous People Birthdays on 24 July

Jennifer Lopez Birthday (July 24th)

Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born on July 24, 1969. Jennifer Lopez was born and brought up in the South Bronx, New York. Importance Jennifer Lopez is an American actress, dancer, fashion designer, and television producer, singer, songwriter and record producer. Jennifer Lopez Early Life Jenni....

Katherine Heigl Birthday (July 24th)

Biography of Katherine Heigl Katherine Heigl Early Life Katherine Heigl was the daughter of Paul Heigl, a monetary accountant and Nancy, a private manager. Katherine Heigl has Irish and German ancestry. Katherine Heigl was raised as an opponent of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. ....

Barry Bonds Birthday (July 24th)

Barry Bonds Biography Barry Bonds Early Life Barry Bonds a baseball player was born on 24th July, 1964 in Riverside in California. Barry Bonds father’s name is a Bobby bond who is a baseball player and his mother’s name is Pat Bonds. Barry Bonds had another brother named Ricky. Bar....

July 24 Birthday Wishes

July 24 Birthday Wishes

Some people look old and feel young. Some people look young and feel old. Some people like us look young and feel young. Feels good to party on your birthday doesn’t it?

May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

July 24Birthday Quotes

'The first comic book I ever read was an issue of ’Legion of Super-Heroes’ where the earth was surrounded by all of these chains. I remember the cover; I got it at a birthday party.'

Jonathan Hickman

'If you look over the years‚ the styles have changed - the clothes‚ the hair‚ the production‚ the approach to the songs. The icing to the cake has changed flavors. But if you really look at the cake itself‚ it’s really the same.'

John Oates

People Born on July 24

Year Name
1561 Maria of Palatinate-Simmern Duchess of Sodermanland (d. 1589)
1574 Thomas Platter the Younger Swiss physician (d. 1628)
1725 John Newton English cleric and hymnist (d. 1807)
1757 Vladimir Borovikovsky Russian painter (d. 1825)
1783 Simn Bolivar Venezuelan military commander (d. 1830)
1786 Joseph Nicollet French mathematician and explorer (d. 1843)
1794 Johan Georg Forchhammer Danish geologist (d. 1865)
1802 Alexandre Dumas French writer (d. 1870)
1803 Adolphe Charles Adam French composer (d. 1856)
1821 William Poole American racketeer and politician (d. 1855)
1826 Ivan Bloch Polish military theorist and peace activist (d. 1902)
1851 Friedrich Schottky German mathematician (d. 1935)
1853 William Gillette American actor and author (d. 1937)
1856 Charles emile Picard French mathematician (d. 1941)
1857 Henrik Pontoppidan Danish writer‚ Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1943)
1860 Alfons Mucha Czech artist (d. 1939)
1864 Frank Wedekind German writer (d. 1918)
1867 Vicente Acosta Salvadoran poet (d. 1908)
1867 Edward Frederic Benson English writer (d. 1940)
1867 Fred Tate English cricketer (d. 1943)
1874 Oswald Chambers Scottish minister and writer (d. 1917)
1877 Calogero Vizzini Sicilian mafioso (d. 1954)
1878 Lord Dunsany Irish writer (d. 1957)
1880 Ernest Bloch Swiss composer (d. 1959)
1880 Kristian Hellstrom Swedish athlete (d. 1946)
1886 Jun'ichiro Tanizaki Japanese novelist (d. 1965)
1888 Arthur Richardson Australian cricketer (d. 1973)
1895 Robert Graves English author (d. 1985)
1897 Amelia Earhart American aviator (d. 1937)
1899 Chief Dan George Canadian actor (d. 1981)
1900 Zelda Fitzgerald American artist (d. 1948)
1904 Leo Arnaud French-American composer (d. 1991)
1904 Richard B. Morris American constitutional historian (d. 1989)
1908 Cootie Williams American trumpeter (d. 1985)
1910 Harry Horner American art director (d. 1994)
1913 Britton Chance American molecular biologist and yachtsman (d. 2010)
1914 Ed Mirvish Canadian businessman and theatrical impresario (d. 2007)
1915 Enrique Fernando Filipino jurist (d. 2004)
1916 John D. MacDonald American novelist (d. 1986)
1917 Robert Farnon Canadian conductor‚ composer‚ and arranger (d. 2005)
1917 Jack Moroney Australian cricketer (d. 1999)
1918 Ruggiero Ricci American violinist
1919 Robert Marsden Hope Australian jurist (d. 1999)
1919 Ferdinand Kbler Swiss cyclist
1920 Bella Abzug American politician (d. 1998)
1921 Giuseppe Di Stefano Italian operatic tenor (d. 2008)
1922 Madeleine Ferron French Canadian writer (d. 2010)
1929 Alfred Binns West Indian cricketer
1930 Alfred Balk American magazine editor and journalist (d. 2010)
1931 Ermanno Olmi Italian director
1931 eric Tabarly French sailor (d. 1998)
1933 Doug Sanders American golfer
1933 John Aniston American actor
1934 Sante Kimes American convicted con artist and murderer
1935 Pat Oliphant Australian political cartoonist
1935 Derek Varnals South African cricketer
1936 Ruth Buzzi American actress and comedian
1936 Mark Goddard American actor
1937 Manoj Kumar Indian actor
1938 Eugene J. Martin American painter and artist
1938 John Sparling New Zealand cricketer
1940 Stanley Hauerwas American theologian
1940 Dan Hedaya American actor
1942 Chris Sarandon American actor
1945 Hugh Ross Canadian scientist and creationist advocate
1945 Azim Premji Indian businessman
1946 Leo Gallagher American comedian
1946 Friedhelm Haebermann German footballer
1947 Zaheer Abbas Pakistani cricketer
1947 Robert Hays American actor
1947 Peter Serkin American pianist
1947 Geoff McQueen British television screenwriter (d. 1994)
1949 Yves Duteil French singer and songwriter
1949 Michael Richards American comedian
1950 Arliss Ryan American author
1950 Marc Jampole American poet
1951 Lynda Carter American actress
1951 Chris Smith British politician
1952 Gus Van Sant American film director
1953 Claire McCaskill American politician
1956 Charles Crist American politician
1956 Pat Finn American game show host and producer
1957 Pam Tillis American singer
1958 Joe Barry Carroll American basketball player
1958 Jim Leighton Scottish goalkeeper
1961 Kerry Dixon English footballer
1962 Johnny O'Connell American race car driver
1963 Paul Geary American musician
1963 Julie Krone American jockey
1963 Karl Malone American basketball player
1964 Barry Bonds American baseball player
1964 John Rosengren American writer and author
1964 Banana Yoshimoto Japanese author
1964 Christopher Gudgeon Professor of history
1965 Andrew Gaze Australian basketball player
1965 Kadeem Hardison American actor
1965 Doug Liman American film director
1966 Martin Keown English footballer
1968 Kristin Chenoweth American singer and actress
1968 Colleen Doran American comic book writer and artist
1968 Malcolm Ingram Canadian director
1968 Laura Leighton American actress
1969 Rick Fox Bahamian basketball player
1969 Jennifer Lopez American actress and singer
1970 Stephanie Adams American model and author
1970 Elli Kokkinou Greek singer
1971 Dino Baggio Italian footballer
1971 John Partridge English singer
1972 Kaio Hiroyuki Japanese sumo wrestler
1972 Rev. Jen Miller American performance artist
1975 Jamie Langenbrunner American ice hockey player
1975 Eric Szmanda American actor
1975 Torrie Wilson American wrestler
1975 Dafydd James Welsh rugby player
1976 Rafer Alston American basketball player
1976 Nate Bump American baseball player
1976 Tiago Monteiro Portuguese racing driver
1977 Danny Dyer English actor and television presenter
1977 Mehdi Mahdavikia Iranian football player
1977 Aitor Perez Spanish cyclist
1978 Andy Irons American professional surfer (d. 2010)
1979 Rose Byrne Australian actress
1979 Lee Si-yeon South Korean actress
1979 Stat Quo American rapper
1979 Valerio Scassellati Italian racing driver
1979 Anne-Gaelle Sidot French tennis player
1979 Mark Andrew Smith American graphic novelist
1979 Jose Valverde American baseball player
1980 Wilfred Bungei Kenyan runner
1980 Gauge American pornographic actress
1981 Summer Glau American actress
1981 Mark Robinson English footballer
1982 elise Crombez Belgian model
1982 Thiago Medeiros Brazilian racing driver
1982 Anna Paquin Canadian-born New Zealand actress
1982 Michael Poppmeier South African-born German rugby player
1983 Daniele De Rossi Italian footballer
1984 Dhani Lennevald Swedish singer
1984 Steve O'Rourke Irish Canadian
1985 Patrice Bergeron Canadian hockey player
1985 Teagan Presley American pornographic actress
1985 Eric Wright American football player
1986 Andrei Lutai Russian figure skater
1986 Megan Park Canadian actress
1987 Cafu Brazilian footballer
1987 Mara Wilson American actress
1988 Ricky Petterd Australian footballer
1990 Daveigh Chase American actress
1990 Dean Stoneman British racing driver
1998 Bindi Irwin Australian entertainer