July 22 Birthdays :152 Famous People Birthdays on 22 July

David Spade Birthday (July 22nd)

David Spade Birth Details David Wayne Spade was born on July 22, 1964, in Birmingham, Michigan. Importance of David Spade David Spade is an American actor and comedian. David Spade became famous and popular in the 1990s in “Saturday Night Live,” and in 1997 as Dennis Finch ....

Don Henley Birthday (July 22nd)

Donald Hugh “Don” Henley an American rock artiste was born on 22nd July, 1947 in Gilmer, Texas. Don Henley is drummer, lead singer and also songwriters of the gang eagles. Don Henley has had a victorious solo performer and has played an origin performance in several political and en....

July 22 Birthday Wishes

July 22 Birthday Wishes

Spend your fame‚ save your money. That is my gift of birthday advice that celebrities like you need to remember.

May you never stray from the true path as you continue your amazing journey. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

July 22Birthday Quotes

'Interventions are really emotionally exhausting and I would never ever want to have one. In the same way‚ I would never want to have a surprise birthday party. That would be horrible.'

Margaret Cho

'God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.'


People Born on July 22

Year Name
1510 Alessandro de' Medici Duke of Florence (d. 1537)
1535 Katarina Stenbock wife of Gustav I of Sweden (d. 1621)
1559 Lawrence of Brindisi Italian monk (d. 1619)
1621 Anthony Ashley-Cooper 1st Earl of Shaftesbury‚ English politician (d. 1683)
1711 Georg Wilhelm Richmann Russian physicist (d. 1753)
1713 Jacques-Germain Soufflot French architect (d. 1780)
1733 Mikhail Shcherbatov Russian philosopher and writer (d. 1790)
1755 Gaspard de Prony French mathematician (d. 1839)
1784 Friedrich Bessel German mathematician and astronomer (d. 1846)
1844 William Archibald Spooner English priest and scholar (d. 1930)
1848 Adolf Friedrich V Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (d. 1914)
1849 Emma Lazarus American poet (d. 1887)
1863 Alec Hearne English cricketer (d. 1952)
1878 Janusz Korczak Polish children's author and pediatrician (d. 1942)
1882 Edward Hopper American painter (d. 1967)
1887 Gustav Ludwig Hertz German physicist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1975)
1888 Kirk Bryan American geologist (d. 1950)
1888 Selman Waksman Ukrainian-born American biochemist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1973)
1889 James Whale English film director (d. 1957)
1890 Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy American Kennedy family matriarch (d. 1995)
1892 Jack MacBryan English cricketer and field hockey player (d. 1983)
1893 Jesse Haines American baseball player (d. 1978)
1893 Karl Menninger American psychiatrist (d. 1990)
1895 Len de Greiff Colombian poet (d. 1976)
1898 Stephen Vincent Benet American poet‚. short story writer and novelist (d. 1943)
1898 Alexander Calder American sculptor and inventor (d. 1976)
1905 Doc Cramer American baseball player (d. 1990)
1908 Amy Vanderbilt American etiquette authority (d. 1974)
1909 Dorino Serafini Italian racing driver (d. 2000)
1913 Licia Albanese American opera singer
1913 Gorni Kramer Italian bandleader (d. 1995)
1915 Shaista Suhrawardy Ikramullah Pakistani politician‚ diplomat and author (d. 2000)
1916 Gino Bianco Brazilian racing driver (d. 1984)
1916 Marcel Cerdan French boxer (d. 1949)
1921 William V. Roth Jr. American politician (d. 2003)
1922 Dick Hoerner American football player (d. 2010)
1923 Bob Dole American politician
1923 The Fabulous Moolah American professional wrestler (d. 2007)
1923 Mukesh Indian singer (d. 1976)
1924 Margaret Whiting American singer
1928 Orson Bean American film actor
1929 John Barber British racing driver
1932 Oscar De la Renta Dominican fashion designer
1934 Louise Fletcher American actress
1935 Tom Cartwright English cricketer (d. 2007)
1936 Tom Robbins American novelist
1937 Yasuhiro Kojima Japanese professional wrestler (d. 1999)
1937 John Price English cricketer
1937 Vasant Ranjane Indian cricketer
1939 Terence Stamp English actor
1939 Gila Almagor Israeli actress
1940 Judith Walzer Leavitt American college professor
1940 Alex Trebek Canadian game show host
1941 George Clinton American singer and musician
1941 Ron Turcotte Canadian jockey
1942 Peter Habeler Austrian mountaineer
1943 Kay Bailey Hutchison American politician
1943 Bobby Sherman American singer and actor
1944 Estelle Bennett American singer (d. 2009)
1944 Rick Davies British keyboardist
1944 Dennis Firestone Australian racing driver
1944 Sparky Lyle American baseball player
1944 Anand Satyanand New Zealander politician
1946 Danny Glover American actor
1946 Mireille Mathieu French singer
1946 Paul Schrader American film director and screenwriter
1946 Stephen M. Wolownik American musicologist (d. 2000)
1946 Johnson Toribiong President of Palau
1947 Albert Brooks American comedian
1947 Gilles Duceppe Canadian politician
1947 Don Henley American singer-songwriter and drummer
1948 S. E. Hinton American novelist
1948 Otto Waalkes German comedian
1949 Alan Menken American composer
1949 Lasse Viren Finnish long distance runner
1951 J. V. Cain American football player (d. 1979)
1953 Jimmy Bruno American jazz guitarist
1953 Sylvia Chang Taiwanese actress
1953 Paul Quarrington Canadian playwright and educator (d. 2010)
1954 Pierre Lebeau Canadian actor
1954 Lonette McKee American actress
1954 Al Di Meola American guitarist
1954 Steve LaTourette American politician
1955 Willem Dafoe American actor
1957 Dave Stieb American baseball player
1958 David Von Erich American professional wrestler (d. 1984)
1958 Tatsunori Hara Japanese baseball player and coach
1960 Jon Oliva American vocalist and keyboardist
1961 Calvin Fish English racing driver
1961 Keith Sweat American singer
1962 Alvin Robertson American basketball player
1962 Martine St. Clair Canadian singer
1963 Emilio Butragueno Spanish footballer
1963 Rob Estes American actor
1963 Emily Saliers American singer (Indigo Girls)
1964 Adam Godley British actor
1964 John Leguizamo Colombian actor
1964 Don Van Natta Jr. American journalist
1964 David Spade American actor and comedian
1965 Patrick Labyorteaux American actor
1965 Shawn Michaels American professional wrestler
1966 Shaun Cohen South African professional wrestler
1966 Tim Brown American football player
1967 Irene Bedard American actress
1967 Lauren Booth British journalist
1968 Rhys Ifans Welsh actor
1969 Despina Vandi Greek singer
1970 Jason Becker American musician
1970 Craig Baird New Zealander racing driver
1970 Sergei Zubov Russian ice hockey player
1971 Kristine Lilly American footballer
1972 Colin Ferguson Canadian actor
1972 Seth Fisher American comic book artist and penciller (d. 2006)
1972 Keyshawn Johnson American football player
1973 Ronald Ray Howard American murderer (d. 2005)
1973 Daniel Jones English-born Australian musician
1973 Mike Sweeney American baseball player
1973 Rufus Wainwright Canadian singer
1974 Franka Potente German actress
1974 Sonija Kwok Hong Kong actress
1975 Sam Jacobson American basketball player
1976 Kokia Japanese singer-songwriter
1977 Ezio Galon Italian rugby player
1977 Gustavo Nery Brazilian footballer
1978 Dennis Rommedahl Danish footballer
1978 A. J. Cook Canadian actress
1978 Martyn Lee English radio presenter
1978 Runako Morton West Indian cricketer
1979 Lucas Luhr German racing driver
1979 Yadel Marti Cuban baseball player
1979 James Mason British professional wrestler
1980 Scott Dixon New Zealand racing driver
1980 Dirk Kuyt Dutch footballer
1980 Kate Ryan Belgian singer
1980 Tablo Korean hip-hop musician
1982 Nuwan Kulasekara Sri Lankan cricketer
1983 Steven Jackson American football player
1983 Arsenie Todiras Moldovan singer
1983 Sharni Vinson Australian actress and model
1983 Clemens von Grumbkow German rugby player
1983 Dries Devenyns Belgian cyclist
1984 Stewart Downing English footballer
1985 Takudzwa Ngwenya Zimbabwean-born American rugby player
1985 Akira Tozawa Japanese professional wrestler
1988 Paul Coutts Scottish footballer
1991 Matthew James English footballer
1992 Selena Gomez American actress and pop singer
1993 Amber Beattie English actress
1996 Skyler Gisondo American actor
1997 Field Cate American actor
1998 Madison Pettis American actress
2002 Prince Felix of Denmark Danish royalty