July 18 Birthdays :157 Famous People Birthdays on 18 July

Vin Diesel Birthday (July 18th)

Vin Diesel Birth Details Name: Vin Diesel Birth Name: Mark Vincent (rumored) Height: 6' 2" Gender: Male Nationality: American His Birth Date: July 18, 1967 His Birth Place: New York, USA His Profession: Actor,director, producer and writer Education....

William Makepeace Thackeray Biography

William Makepeace Thackeray was an English novelist, in the league of Charles Dickens, famous for his satirical works especially, the Vanity Fair, a panoramic portrayal of middle class English society.  His greatest work is the History of Henry Esmond, depicting solid Victorian values of d....

Nelson Mandela Biography

Known as the father of the nation in South Africa, Nelson Mandela changed the entire history of South Africa from a colonial country to a democratic country. Nelson Mandela was a staunch critic of Apartheid and racism in South Africa. Nelson Mandela has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in lieu ....

July 18 Birthday Wishes

July 18 Birthday Wishes

Telling the world that you are HAPPY on your birthday can come in the form of a smile‚ a nod or a verbal yes‚ as long as it’s unambiguous‚ enthusiastic and ongoing.

May you have a great birthday‚ but may next year’s be twice as good.

July 18Birthday Quotes

'My parents screened ’Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory’ for my 6th birthday‚ and I became fascinated by the idea of living in a candy land with chocolate rivers and lollipop trees.'

Dylan Lauren

'Cakes are special. Every birthday‚ every celebration ends with something sweet‚ a cake‚ and people remember. It’s all about the memories.'

Buddy Valastro

People Born on July 18

Year Name
1501 Isabella of Burgundy wife of Christian II of Denmark (d. 1526)
1504 Heinrich Bullinger Swiss religious reformer (d. 1575)
1552 Rudolf II Holy Roman Emperor (d. 1612)
1634 Johannes Camphuys Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies (d. 1695)
1635 Robert Hooke English scientist (d. 1703)
1659 Hyacinthe Rigaud French painter (d. 1743)
1670 Giovanni Bononcini Italian composer (d. 1747)
1718 Saverio Bettinelli Italian writer (d. 1808)
1720 Gilbert White English ornithologist (d. 1793)
1797 Immanuel Hermann Fichte German philosopher (d. 1879)
1811 William Makepeace Thackeray English author (d. 1863)
1818 Louis De Geer 1st Swedish Prime Minister (d. 1896)
1821 Pauline Viardot French mezzo-soprano and composer (d. 1910)
1837 Vasil Levski Bulgarian revolutionary (d. 1873)
1845 Tristan Corbi?re French poet (d. 1875)
1848 W. G. Grace English cricketer (d. 1915)
1850 Rose Hartwick Thorpe American poet (d. 1939)
1853 Hendrik Lorentz Dutch physicist‚ Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1928)
1862 Nikolai Nikolaevich Yudenich Russian general (d. 1933)
1864 Phillip Snowden British politician (d. 1937)
1867 Margaret Brown American activist (d. 1932)
1871 Sada Yacco Japanese stage actress (d. 1946)
1881 Larry McLean baseball player (d. 1921)
1884 Alberto di Jorio former head of the Vatican Bank and secretary of the 1958 conclave (d. 1979)
1887 Vidkun Quisling Norwegian soldier (d. 1945)
1890 Frank Forde 15th Prime Minister of Australia (d. 1983)
1892 Arthur Friedenreich Brazilian football player (d. 1969)
1895 George Machine Gun Kelly American gangster (d. 1954)
1897 E. A. D. Eldridge British racing driver (d. 1935)
1898 John Stuart Scottish actor (d. 1979)
1899 Ernst Scheller German Nazi politician (d. 1942)
1900 Nathalie Sarraute French writer (d. 1999)
1902 Jessamyn West American writer (d. 1984)
1903 Chill Wills American actor (d. 1978)
1906 S. I. Hayakawa American semanticist and politician (d. 1992)
1906 Clifford Odets American writer (d. 1963)
1908 Lupe Velez Mexican actress (d. 1944)
1908 Mildred Lisette Norman American peace activist (d. 1981)
1909 Andrei Gromyko Soviet diplomat and President (d. 1989)
1909 Mohammed Daoud Khan President of Afghanistan (d. 1978)
1909 Harriet Nelson American singer and actress (d. 1994)
1910 Diptendu Pramanick Indian film personality (d.1989)
1911 Hume Cronyn Canadian actor (d. 2003)
1912 Max Rousie French rugby footballer (d. 1950)
1913 Red Skelton American actor and comedian (d. 1997)
1914 Gino Bartali Italian cyclist (d. 2000)
1916 Johnny Hopp baseball player (d. 2003)
1917 Henri Salvador French singer (d. 2008)
1918 Nelson Mandela President of South Africa‚ Nobel Peace Prize laureate
1920 Eric Brandon British racing driver (d. 1982)
1921 Richard Leacock Documentary filmmaker
1921 John Glenn American astronaut and politician
1922 Thomas Kuhn American philosopher (d. 1996)
1923 Jerome H. Lemelson American inventor (d. 1997)
1924 Inge Sorensen Danish swimmer
1925 Shirley Strickland Australian athlete (d. 2004)
1925 Hubert Doggart Former England cricketer
1926 Robert Sloman writer (d. 2005)
1926 Margaret Laurence Canadian writer (d. 1987)
1927 Kurt Masur Silesian-born conductor
1929 Dick Button American figure skater
1929 Screamin' Jay Hawkins American singer (d. 2000)
1930 Burt Kwouk English actor
1932 Robert Ellis Miller American film director
1933 Yevgeny Yevtushenko Russian poet
1933 Syd Mead American industrial and conceptual designer
1933 Jean Yanne French film actor and director (d. 2003)
1934 Darlene Conley American actress (d. 2007)
1934 Roger Reynolds American composer and teacher
1935 Jayendra Saraswathi Hindu religious leader
1936 Ted Harris Canadian ice hockey player
1937 Roald Hoffman Polish-born chemist‚ Nobel Prize laureate
1937 Hunter S. Thompson American journalist and author (d. 2005)
1938 Paul Verhoeven Dutch film director
1938 Ian Stewart Scottish pianist (d. 1985)
1939 Dion DiMucci American singer
1939 Brian Auger British musician
1939 Edward Gramlich American economics professor (d. 2007)
1939 Jerry Moore American football coach
1940 James Brolin American actor
1940 Joe Torre American baseball player and manager
1941 Frank Farian German music producer
1941 Lonnie Mack American guitarist and singer
1941 Martha Reeves American singer
1942 Adolf Ogi Swiss politician
1942 Bobby Susser American songwriter and record producer
1942 Giacinto Facchetti Italian footballer (d. 2006)
1944 David Hemery British athlete
1946 Leo Madder Belgian actor
1946 Doug McFarland American politician
1947 Steve Forbes American entrepreneur and politician
1947 Steven W. Mahoney Canadian politician
1948 Hartmut Michel German chemist‚ Nobel laureate
1948 Carlos Coln Sr. Puerto Rican professional wrestler
1949 Dennis Lillee Australian cricketer
1950 Jerome Barkum American football player
1950 Sir Richard Branson British entrepreneur
1950 Glenn Hughes American singer (Village People) (d. 2001)
1950 Jack Layton Canadian politician
1950 Kostas Eleftherakis Greek footballer
1950 Mark Udall American politician
1951 Elio Di Rupo Belgian politician
1951 Margo Martindale American actress
1953 Warren Wiebe American singer (d. 1998)
1954 Ricky Skaggs American country/bluegrass musician
1955 Terry Chambers English drummer
1955 Bernd Fasching Austrian painter and sculptor
1956 Razor Shines American baseball player
1957 Sir Nick Faldo English golfer
1960 Anne-Marie Johnson American actress
1961 M.J. Alexander American photojournalist
1961 Elizabeth McGovern American actress
1961 Alan Pardew English Football Manager
1962 Lee Arenberg American actor
1962 Jack Irons American drummer
1962 Shaun Micallef Australian comedian
1963 Martin Torrijos Espino President of Panama
1963 Mike Greenwell baseball player
1963 Al Snow American professional wrestler
1964 Wendy Williams radio host
1965 Jim Bob Duggar Arkansas politician and patriarch of the Duggar family
1966 Lori Alan American actress
1967 Vin Diesel American actor
1968 Grant Bowler Australian actor
1969 Masanori Murakawa Japanese professional wrestler
1970 Cheryl Casone American news anchor
1971 Penny Hardaway American basketball player
1971 Sarah McLeod New Zealand actress
1974 Alan Morrison British poet
1975 Torii Hunter baseball player
1975 Daron Malakian American guitarist
1976 Valerie Cruz American actress
1976 Elsa Pataky Spanish actress
1977 Dylan Lane American television host
1977 Kelly Reilly English actress
1977 Alfian bin Sa'at Singaporean writer‚ poet and playwright
1978 Shane Horgan Irish rugby player
1978 Ben Sheets American baseball player
1978 Melissa Theuriau French newscaster
1978 Vernica Romeo Spanish singer
1978 Annie Mac British DJ
1979 Jason Weaver American actor
1979 Deion Branch American football player
1979 Jared Hess American film director and screenwriter
1979 Joey Mercury American professional wrestler
1979 Jermaine Paul American musician
1980 Kristen Bell American actress
1980 Ryoko Hirosue Japanese actress and singer
1982 Priyanka Chopra Indian actress and beauty queen
1982 Ryan Cabrera American musician and TV host
1983 Carlos Diogo Uruguayan footballer
1985 Chace Crawford American actor
1985 Panagiotis Lagos Greek footballer
1988 Cesar Villaluz Mexican footballer
1991 Karina Pasian American singer and pianist
1993 Lee Taemin South Korean singer‚ dancer and actor
2004 Giuliano Stroe Romanian weightlifter and bodybuilder