July 11 Birthdays :169 Famous People Birthdays on 11 July

John Quincy Adams Birthday (July 11th)

John Quincy Adams, the sixth president of United States, was born on 11 July, 1767 in Braintree, Massachusetts. As a young school boy he saw the battle of Bunker Hill from the peak of Penn’s Hill over the family farm. In Europe as a personal member to his father, he became an assiduous diarist....

July 11 Birthday Wishes

July 11 Birthday Wishes

The whole world might want to send you a special birthday greeting‚ but for the time being‚ you can make do with mine. Happy Birthday.

May life’s brightest joys illuminate your path‚ and may each day’s journey bring you closer to your dreams! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

July 11Birthday Quotes

'If I have one wish for my birthday‚ it is that 35 is the end of desperation and the beginning of acceptance. Part of that is believing that if I’m meant to give birth‚ I will.'

Jessi Klein

'A man thirty years old‚ I said to myself‚ should have his field of life all ploughed‚ and his planting well done; for after that it is summer time.'

Lew Wallace

People Born on July 11

Year Name
154 Bardaisan Syriac gnostic (d. 222)
1274 Robert the Bruce King of Scotland (d. 1329)
1366 Anne of Bohemia consort of Richard II of England (d. 1394)
1561 Luis de Gngora Spanish poet (d. 1627)
1603 Kenelm Digby English privateer (d. 1665)
1628 Tokugawa Mitsukuni Japanese warlord (d. 1701)
1662 Maximilian II Emanuel Elector of Bavaria (d. 1726)
1709 Johan Gottschalk Wallerius Swedish chemist (d. 1785)
1723 Jean-Francois Marmontel French historian and writer (d. 1799)
1751 Caroline Matilda of Wales queen consort of Denmark and Norway (d. 1775)
1754 Thomas Bowdler English physician and censor (d. 1825)
1767 John Quincy Adams President of the United States (d. 1848)
1826 Alexander Afanasyev Russian folklorist (d. 1871)
1832 Charilaos Trikoupis Greek politician (d. 1896)
1836 Ant?nio Carlos Gomes Brazilian composer (d. 1896)
1846 Leon Bloy French writer (d. 1917)
1850 Annie Armstrong American missionary leader (d. 1938)
1851 Millie and Christine McCoy Conjoined twins (d. 1912)
1864 Petar Danov Bulgarian spiritual teacher (d. 1944)
1882 Jim White discoverer of Carlsbad Caverns (d. 1946)
1886 Boris Grigoriev Russian painter (d. 1939)
1888 Carl Schmitt German philosopher and political theorist (d. 1985)
1892 Thomas Mitchell American film actor and screenwriter (d. 1962)
1895 Dolly Wilde English socialite (d. 1941)
1897 Bull Connor American law enforcement official (d. 1973)
1899 E. B. White American writer (d. 1985)
1903 Rudolf Abel Soviet intelligence officer (d. 1971)
1903 Sidney Franklin American bullfighter (d. 1976)
1904 Nino Ricardo Spanish flamenco guitarist (d. 1972)
1906 Herbert Wehner German politician (d. 1990)
1910 Irene Hervey American actress (d. 1998)
1912 William F. Walsh American politician (d. 2011)
1913 Cordwainer Smith American writer (d. 1966)
1916 Aleksandr Mikhailovich Prokhorov Russian physicist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 2002)
1916 Reg Varney English actor (d. 2008)
1916 Gough Whitlam 21st Prime Minister of Australia
1920 Yul Brynner Russian-born actor (d. 1985)
1921 Ilse Werner Dutch-born actress (d. 2005)
1922 Gene Evans American actor (d. 1998)
1923 Richard Pipes American historian
1924 Cesar Lattes Brazilian physicist (d. 2005)
1924 Brett Somers Canadian-born actress (d. 2007)
1924 Charlie Tully Northern Irish footballer (d. 1971)
1925 Nicolai Gedda Swedish tenor
1926 Frederick Buechner American author
1929 David Kelly Irish actor
1929 Hermann Prey German baritone (d. 1998)
1929 Chuck Rio Musician (d. 2006)
1930 Harold Bloom American literary critic
1931 Thurston Harris American singer (d. 1990)
1931 Tab Hunter American actor
1931 Tullio Regge Italian physicist
1932 Jean-Guy Talbot French Canadian ice hockey player
1934 Giorgio Armani Italian fashion designer
1935 Oliver Napier Northern Irish politician
1935 Frederick Hemke American saxophonist
1937 Pai Hsien-yung Taiwanese writer
1938 Laurel Thatcher Ulrich American feminist writer and professor
1940 Yvon Charbonneau French Canadian union leader and politician
1941 Clive Puzey Zimbabwean racing driver
1943 Oscar D'Len Venezuelan musician
1943 Howard Gardner American Psychologist
1943 Peter Jensen Archbishop of Sydney
1943 Rolf Stommelen German race car driver (d. 1983)
1944 Myra Gale Brown former wife of cousin‚ Jerry Lee Lewis
1945 Patrick Joseph McGrath Catholic bishop
1946 Cuthbert Johnson Benedictine abbot.
1947 Bo Lundgren Swedish politician
1949 Liona Boyd English-born musician
1949 Tom Emanski American baseball instructionalist
1950 Pervez Hoodbhoy Pakistani nuclear physicist
1950 Bruce McGill American actor
1950 J. R. Morgan British classical scholar
1950 Bonnie Pointer American singer (Pointer Sisters)
1951 Robert R. McCammon American horror novelist
1952 Bill Barber Canadian ice hockey player
1952 John Kettley English weather forecaster
1953 Angelica Aragn Mexican actress
1953 Peter Brown American singer‚ songwriter and producer
1953 "Maureen Cathryn Harriet ""Cats"" Falck" Swedish television journalist
1953 Samuel Russell Hinds pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers
1953 Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India
1953 Wu Shu-chen wife of former President Chen Shui-bian of the Republic of China
1953 Patricia Reyes Spindola Mexican actress‚ director and producer
1953 Leon Spinks American former boxer
1953 Mindy Sterling American actress
1953 Ivan Toms South African physician
1953 Bramwell Tovey English-born conductor and composer.
1953 Paul Weiland is an English motion picture and television director
1954 Butch Reed American professional wrestler
1955 Balaji Sadasivan Singaporean politician and neurosurgeon (d. 2010)
1956 Sela Ward American actress
1957 Peter Murphy British musician (Bauhaus)
1957 Michael Rose Jamaican musician (Black Uhuru)
1958 Hugo Sanchez Mexican footballer
1958 Andrew Gilbert-Scott British racing driver
1959 Richie Sambora American musician (Bon Jovi)
1959 Suzanne Vega American singer
1959 Dave Bennett English footballer
1962 Gaetan Duchesne French Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2007)
1962 Pauline McLynn Irish actress
1963 Al MacInnis Canadian ice hockey player
1963 Lisa Rinna American actress
1964 Craig Charles English actor
1964 Kyrill Prince of Preslav‚ titular Bulgarian royal family
1965 Tony Cottee English footballer
1965 Ernesto Hoost Dutch kickboxer
1965 Scott Shriner American musician (Weezer)
1966 Greg Grunberg American actor
1966 Kentaro Miura Japanese mangaka
1966 Rod Strickland American basketball player
1966 Mick Molloy Australian comedian
1967 Andy Ashby American baseball player
1967 Jeff Corwin American naturalist and TV personality
1968 Michael Geist Canadian academic
1968 Esera Tuaolo American football player
1968 Daniel MacMaster Canadian singer (Bonham) (d. 2008)
1969 David Tao Taiwanese singer-songwriter
1970 Justin Chambers American actor
1971 Leisha Hailey American actress and musician (Uh Huh Her)
1972 Jussi 69 Finnish musician (The 69 Eyes)
1972 Steven Richards Australian racing driver
1972 Michael Rosenbaum American actor
1973 Andrew Bird American musician
1973 Konstantinos Kenteris Greek athlete
1974 Fragiskos Alvertis Greek basketball player
1974 Hermann Hrei?arsson Icelandic footballer
1974 Andre Ooijer Dutch footballer
1974 Alanas Chosnau Lithuanian singer and songwriter
1975 Willie Anderson American football player
1975 Ruben Baraja Spanish footballer
1975 Riona Hazuki Japanese actress
1975 Nadya Suleman American mother of octuplets
1975 Samer el Nahhal Finnish musician (Lordi)
1975 Lil' Kim American rapper
1976 Eduardo Najera Mexican-born basketball player
1977 Brandon Short American football player
1978 Jeff Rich Sports Talk Radio Personality
1978 Massimiliano Rosolino Italian swimmer
1979 eric Abidal French footballer
1979 Raio Piiroja Estonian footballer
1979 Lauris Reiniks Latvian singer
1980 TJ Wilson Canadian professional wrestler
1980 Im Su-jeong South Korean model and actress
1981 Carla Campbell Jamaican model
1981 Andre Johnson American football player
1982 Chris Cooley American football player
1982 Lil' Zane American rapper
1983 Peter Cincotti American singer songwriter
1983 Kelly Poon Singaporean singer
1983 Evan Roberts American radio broadcaster
1983 Marie Serneholt Swedish musician
1983 Kellie Shirley British actress
1984 Yorman Bazardo Venezuelan baseball player
1984 Tanith Belbin Canadian/American ice dancer
1984 Hitomi Hyuga Japanese actress
1984 Rachael Taylor Australian actress
1985 Aki Maeda Japanese actress
1985 Robert Adamson American Actor
1986 Yoann Gourcuff French footballer
1986 Ryan Jarvis English footballer
1987 Shigeaki Kato Japanese idol singer (NEWS)
1989 Liel Kolet Israeli singer
1990 Connor Paolo American actor
1990 George Craig English singer (One Night Only)
1990 Caroline Wozniacki Danish tennis player
1993 Rebecca Bross Gymnast
1995 Tyler Medeiros Canadian singer
1996 Adelina Sotnikova Russian Figure Skater