July 10 Birthdays :166 Famous People Birthdays on 10 July

Arlo Guthrie Birthday (July 10th)

Arlo Guthrie an American folk vocalist was born on 10th July 1947 in Brooklyn, New York U.S.A. Arlo Guthrie is famous for being a singer, composer and musician. He has appeared as a performer on television and movies. He is well known for the role of Alice’s Restaurant. Arlo Guthrie had t....

Jessica Simpson Birthday (July 10th)

Jessica Simpson Birth Details Jessica Ann Simpson was born on July 10, 1980.  Jessica Simpson’s birth place was Abilene, Texas. Importance Jessica Simpson is an American pop singer and actress. Jessica Simpson has pulled off many Billboard Countdown hits.  ....

John Calvin Biography

Famous French theologian and pastor during Protestant Reformation, John Calvin was the prominent person involved in the development of Christian Theology System later came to be known as Calvinism. He is the author of the most famous book ever published on Theology. In Protestant Reformation, he is ....

July 10 Birthday Wishes

July 10 Birthday Wishes

The years come and go‚ but they do accumulate. Happy Birthday.

May each birthday that passes bring you more happiness and love than the year before. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

July 10Birthday Quotes

'I like to give people novels I think they would like‚ on no particular occasion - just when we’re in a bookstore together. I like to receive reference books on my birthday.'

Daniel Handler

'At the age of twenty‚ we don’t care what the world thinks of us; at thirty‚ we worry about what it is thinking of us; at forty‚ we discover that it wasn’t thinking of us at all.'


People Born on July 10

Year Name
1509 John Calvin French religious reformer (d. 1564)
1517 Odet de Coligny French cardinal and Protestant (d. 1571)
1592 Pierre d'Hozier French historian (d. 1660)
1614 Arthur Annesley 1st Earl of Anglesey‚ English royalist statesman (d. 1686)
1625 Jean Herauld Gourville French adventurer (d. 1703)
1638 David Teniers III Flemish painter (d. 1685)
1666 John Ernest Grabe German-born Anglican theologian (d. 1711)
1682 Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg German Lutheran missionary to India (d. 1719)
1682 Roger Cotes English mathematician (d. 1716)
1723 William Blackstone English jurist (d. 1780)
1736 Maria Duchess of Gloucester and Edinburgh (d. 1807)
1792 George Mifflin Dallas American politician (d. 1864)
1802 Robert Chambers Scottish author and naturalist (d. 1871)
1804 Emma Smith American religious figure (d. 1879)
1809 Friedrich August von Quenstedt German geologist (d. 1889)
1830 Camille Pissarro French painter (d. 1903)
1832 Alvan Graham Clark American telescope maker and astronomer (d. 1897)
1835 Henryk Wieniawski Polish composer (d. 1880)
1839 Adolphus Busch German-born brewer (d. 1913)
1856 Nikola Tesla Serb-American inventor (d. 1943)
1864 Austin Chapman Australian policitian (d. 1926)
1867 Prince Maximilian of Baden Chancellor of Germany (d. 1929)
1871 Marcel Proust French writer (d. 1922)
1874 Sergey Konenkov Russian sculptor (d. 1971)
1875 Mary McLeod Bethune American educator (d. 1955)
1883 Johannes Blaskowitz German general (d. 1948)
1888 Giorgio de Chirico Italian painter (d. 1978)
1895 Carl Orff German composer (d. 1982)
1896 Ther?se Casgrain French Canadian politician and senator (d. 1981)
1897 Karl Plagge German officer (d. 1957)
1897 "Jack ""Legs"" Diamond""" American bootlegger (d. 1931)
1899 John Gilbert American actor (d. 1936)
1899 Heiri Suter Swiss cyclist (d. 1978)
1900 Sampson Sievers Russian Orthodox priest (d. 1979)
1900 Mitchell Parish American lyricist (d. 1993)
1902 Kurt Alder German chemist‚ Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1958)
1903 John Wyndham British author (d. 1969)
1903 Werner Best German jurist and nazi leader (d. 1989)
1905 Thomas Gomez American actor (d. 1971)
1905 Wolfram Sievers Nazi physician (d. 1948)
1909 Donald Sinclair British hotel manager (d. 1981)
1913 Salvador Espriu Spanish poet (d. 1985)
1914 Joe Shuster Canadian-born cartoonist (d. 1992)
1917 Don Herbert American television host (d. 2007)
1917 Hugh Alexander American baseball player (d. 2000)
1920 David Brinkley American television reporter (d. 2003)
1920 Owen Chamberlain American physicist‚ Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2006)
1921 Harvey Ball American inventor (d. 2001)
1921 Jake LaMotta American boxer
1921 Eunice Kennedy Shriver American activist (d. 2009)
1923 Earl Hamner Jr. American author and television producer
1923 Jean Kerr American author (d. 2003)
1923 G. A. Kulkarni Indian (Marathi) writer (d. 1987)
1923 John Bradley American Navy corpsman (d. 1994)
1924 Bobo Brazil American professional wrestler (d. 1998)
1924 Johnny Bach American basketball coach
1926 Fred Gwynne American actor (d. 1993)
1927 Grigory Barenblatt Russian mathematician
1927 Suzanne Cloutier Canadian film actor (d. 2003)
1927 David Norman Dinkins New York City Mayor‚ 1990-1993
1928 Moshe Greenberg American-Israeli Bible scholar
1928 Alejandro de Tomaso Argentine-Italian racing driver and car manufacturer (d. 2003)
1928 Bernard Buffet French painter (d. 1999)
1929 Winnie Ewing Scottish politician
1930 Bruce Boa Canadian actor (d. 2004)
1931 Nick Adams American actor (d. 1968)
1931 Alice Munro Canadian writer
1931 Jerry Herman American composer and lyricist
1932 Carlo Mario Abate Italian racing driver
1934 Jerry Nelson American puppeteer
1935 Tura Satana American actress
1938 Paul Andreu French architect
1938 Lee Morgan American hard-bop trumpeter (d. 1972)
1939 Ahmet Taner Kislali Turkish politician‚ journalist‚and educator (d. 1999)
1940 Meghnad Desai Baron Desai‚ British economist
1940 Helen Donath American soprano
1940 Tom Farmer Scottish entrepreneur
1941 David G. Hartwell American editor and anthologist
1941 Ian Whitcomb English songwriter‚ entertainer and producer
1942 Ronnie James Dio American musician (d. 2010)
1942 Pyotr Klimuk Soviet cosmonaut
1943 Arthur Ashe American tennis player (d. 1993)
1945 John Motson British sports (football) commentator
1945 Jean-Marie Poire French film director
1945 Virginia Wade British tennis player
1945 Ron Glass American actor
1945 Peter Michalica Slovak violinist
1946 Sue Lyon American actress
1947 Arlo Guthrie American musician
1949 Anna Czerwinska Polish mountaineer
1949 Sunil Gavaskar Indian cricketer
1949 Greg Kihn American pop musician & radio personality
1949 John Whitehead American singer and record producer
1950 Prokopis Pavlopoulos Greek politician
1951 Phyllis Smith American actress
1951 Cheryl Wheeler American singer and songwriter
1952 Ludmilla Tourischeva Russian gymnast
1952 Kim Mitchell Canadian guitarist/singer
1952 Peter van Heemst Dutch politician
1953 Zoogz Rift singer/songwriter and wrestling booker
1953 Rik Emmett Canadian musician (Triumph)
1954 Neil Tennant British musician (Pet Shop Boys)
1954 Andre Dawson American baseball player
1956 Tom McClintock American politician
1957 Cindy Sheehan American anti-war/political activist
1958 Bela Fleck American musician
1958 Fiona Shaw Irish actress
1959 Ellen Kuras American cinematographer
1961 Jacky Cheung Hong Kong singer and actor
1963 Richard Waites British actor
1964 Urban Meyer American football coach
1964 Wilfried Peeters Belgian cyclist
1965 Alec Mapa Filipino-American actor and comedian
1965 Ken Mellons American singer
1965 Scott McCarron American professional golfer
1966 Gina Bellman British actress
1966 Johnny Grunge American wrestler (d. 2006)
1966 Christian Stangl Austrian mountaineer
1967 Tom Meents American monster truck driver
1967 Silvetty Montilla Brazilian drag queen
1967 Rebekah Del Rio Latin American singer/songwriter
1968 Hassiba Boulmerka Algerian athlete
1968 Jonathan Gilbert American actor
1969 Jamie Glover British actor
1969 Gale Harold American actor
1969 Alexandra Hedison American actress
1970 Helen Sjoholm Swedish singer and actress
1970 Adam Hills Australian comedian
1970 Gary LeVox American singer (Rascal Flatts)
1970 Jason Orange UK pop singer and dancer (Take That)
1970 John Simm British actor
1971 Adam Foote Canadian ice hockey player
1971 Gregory Goodridge Barbadian footballer
1971 Orlando Jordan American wrestler
1972 Peter Serafinowicz British comedian and actor
1972 Sofia Vergara Colombian actress
1972 Tilo Wolff German musician (Lacrimosa)
1973 Annie Mumolo American actress
1974 Chiwetel Ejiofor English actor
1975 Alain Nasreddine Canadian ice hockey player
1975 Stefan Karl Stefansson Icelandic actor
1975 Andrew Firestone American TV reality show personality
1976 Elijah Blue Allman American musician (Deadsy)
1976 Adrian Grenier American actor
1976 Ludovic Giuly French footballer
1976 Lars Ricken German footballer
1976 Brendon Lade Australian rules footballer
1976 Edmilson Gomes Brazilian footballer
1977 Schapelle Corby Australian convicted drug smuggler
1977 Gwendoline Yeo American actress
1978 Jesse Lacey American musician (Brand New)
1979 Mvondo Atangana Cameroon footballer
1980 Thomas Ian Nicholas American actor
1980 Alejandro Millan Mexican singer and songwriter
1980 Adam Petty American race car driver (d. 2000)
1980 Jessica Simpson American singer
1980 Han Eun-jeong South Korean actress
1981 Aleksandar Tunchev Bulgarian footballer
1982 Alex Arrowsmith American musician
1982 Sebastian Mila Polish footballer
1983 Giuseppe De Feudis Italian footballer
1983 Kim Heechul Korean singer
1983 Matthew Egan Australian rules footballer
1984 Maria Julia Mantilla Garcia Miss World 2004
1985 B.J. Crombeen American ice hockey player
1985 Mario Gmez German-Spanish footballer