John Tyler Birthday (March 29th)

John Tyler Birthday (March 29th)

John Tyler was 10th president of United States of America. He hold the distinction of the first Vice President of United States, who was made President due to the death of the then President William Henry Harrison in the Year 1841. But his succession from Vice President to President was not easy; there were lot of debate through out the United States. Some people said that he should continue to use Vice President Title. Some member of the President William Henry thought that it will be an act of compromise; they fear that the Vice President might not be able to run the country

John Tyler was born on March 29, 1790 in the Charles City County, in the state of Virginia. He was the second among the eight children of Mary Armistead and John Tyler Sr. His father was the governor of the state of Virginia. His initial educations took place in college of William and marry and from there he went to study law with his father. After completion of his degree, he started practicing in the Charles City County. He also served in volunteer military company as captain. his is celebrated among famous birthdays in march by ditrubuting gifts, cards among the children.

He joined Virginia House of Delegates in the year 1811 and served there for next 2 years and in the year 1816 he became member of council of states. Later on he was elected as Democratic Republican due to the death of John Clopton and he served there from 1816 to 1821. In the year 1820 Tyler refused the candidature due to his poor health, but the coming years proved very bright to Tyler, from the year 1823-1825 he was elected as the member of Delegates of Virginia state house. And later on he became the Virginia’s Governor in the Year 1825 and served for next 2 years.

He was elected as the Vice President in 1840 as subordinate to President William Harry Harrison and the together started a campaign called “Tippecanoe and Tyler too” and “Log cabins and Hard Cider” and this later on it became the most important factor in gaining the American votes. He took the oath of President on April the 6th 1841 and during his presidency he took some of the most important decision in America’s history, he advocated the abolition of Texas, separation of states and church.

He was the first President in the United States history to have impeachment resolution against him, but luckily he was the winner in that.

Taylor died in the year 1862, at the time of his death he was the member of confederate house of representative.