Jobs in USA for International Students

There are different types of jobs in USA for international students. Even though they are in the common pool of people looking for jobs in the US, as foreign candidates they do have to meet certain work and visa requirements to qualify for a job in the country. They can only take up jobs that are directly relevant to their educational degree and experience. They need to have work authorization and need to find an employer who can sponsor their work visa.

Visa Requirements

The students who are still in school and have not completed their graduation, have two options of employment. They can look for on campus jobs and internships. These jobs pay too little or no money in most cases. However, they are good for any student’s resume. Once the students finish school, F-1 visa holders can convert their student educational visa into practical training authorization, which allows them to stay in the country (for a year) and look for employment. J-1 students need to get Academic Training authorization. Legally, these two are necessary to look for and take up jobs in USA for international students with respective visas. At the end of the one-year validity of these work authorizations, the students need H1-B visa sponsorship with the employer for long-term job.

Employment Opportunities

Contrary to the popular belief that it is hard for international students to land jobs in the US, many employers are willing to offer lucrative jobs in USA for international students, as they come with varied cultural and lingual backgrounds and skills. Their education from US institutions makes them more valuable. Healthcare, Education, Business, Information Technology, Finance, Accounting, Banking, and Logistics sectors have the most openings for jobs in USA for international students.

Challenges with Finding Jobs

One of the main challenges that international students face during job search is with selling themselves. The US job market requires job seekers to market themselves well. The next in the list would be the understanding of the application and interview procedures. Students would find the process to be different from what they are used to in their own countries. Moreover, even within the US, the procedures are different in different regions. However, with proper resources and reliable help these hurdles can be crossed without much trouble.

Success Tips

Working or doing internships while studying, communicating well, creating excellent job-oriented resumes, educating the employers about sponsorships, and selling uniqueness will help land successful jobs in USA for international students.

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