Jim Clark Birthday (March 4th)

Jim Clark Birthday (March 4th)

Jim Clark, born on 4th March 1936, was one of the best Formula One racing drivers. When we talk about speed and car-racing,He is one such name that we can never leave out of our discussion. He  was not only an excellent driver, but he won two World Championships of Formula-Racing in 1963 & in 1965.

Jim Clark Place of Birth:

Jim Clark was born in Scotland at Kilmany House Firm, Fife. He made this small place proud. His birthday is celebrated one among the Famous birthdays in march, on that day birthday gifts, birthday cards, pictures of Clark’s  are distributed or supplied among the school children.

Jim Clark Personal Details:

Jim Clark was the youngest among the five children of his  parents. In 1942, his family moved to Dunes, Berwickshire. Before he was sent to Loretto School near Edinburgh, he got Jim Clark primary education from a primary school in Chirnside. Here for the first time, He started racing in local road rally and hill-climb events. He  started with his own Sunbeam-Talbot and showed his excellent skill and talent. On 16th June 1956, in his very first event he left behind all other competitors and showed that he  was something else. By 1958 he had won 18 local races. In 1958 Boxing-day, he  made the man who made him a super-star. He, drove a Lotus Elite, came second to Colin Chapman. Chapman was so impressed by Clark’s ability that clark  gave him a ride in one of his Formula Junior cars. After that Clark never need to look back.

Jim Clark Career & Accomplishments:

Jim Clark faced a severe accident in a very early stage of his career. This accident of 1961 Italian Grand Prix is considered to be one of the worst accidents of Formula 1 racing. Clark’s Drivers’ World Championship came while he was driving the Lotus 25 in 1963. During this time he  won seven out of ten races. In 1963 he gave Lotus its’ first Constructors’ World Championship. In 1962, an oil leak from the engine prevented him to get theWorld Championship title. In 1963 Jim Clark also competed in the Indianapolis 500 for the first time. In 1965 he won the World Championship of Formula 1 and also the Indianapolis 500 in the Lotus 38. he  drove the first mid-engined car at the fabled Brickyard and is the only driver till date to win both Brickyard and the F1 title in the same year. Ford-Cosworth DFV, driven by him, won its first race at Dutch Grand Prix. Clark then went on to win British, US and Mexican Grand Prix and in 1968 Clark won South African Grand Prix. 1967 Italian Grand Prix, driven by him  is still regarded as on of the greatest ever race in the history of F1. He  also raced at Crimond in the North-East of Scotland on 16th June 1956. Thus he  won almost all the Grand-Prix all over the world on several occasion. But on 7th April 1968, Clark’s life tragically ended in a crash.

Jim Clark Awards:

Jim Clark won had 25 Grand Prix races and 33 pole positions which is not only phenomenal but also proves the fact that this man was far ahead than his contemporaries.