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Java is a language which was developed by Sun Microsystems and is one of the best tools to use for solving complex technical problems.  It is an object oriented programming language and is akin to C or C++.  It has many features which make it light, dependable and also practical as compared to other OOP languages. 


It has now become the main language to construct and run web applications – its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can be run on any computer or platform without changes.  It is used to run servers and for web based programs.  The best thing is that since it is open source, it can be downloaded for free. 

It is best known for its “write once, run anywhere” feature.  Security is another important benefit that users can bank on – programmers can download scripts and code from other companies and use it with Java without any problems.  The main focus is networks and Java makes it easy to develop applications for multi-tier architecture.  Java programs run fast as well and offer superior performance. Java code is dynamic and it runs programs seamlessly, loading applications as they are needed.

Java Course Details:

The following modules are offered and can be used to either start or enhance existing knowledge.

  • Essentials of Java Programming.
  • Java SE Platform- learning instruction, codes to develop this platform. Working examples used during the learning process.
  • Java EE – Resources and Tutorials offer an in depth look and offer complete knowledge through specialized lesson plans.
  • Java ME: Learning how to use the Mobility program and using wireless technology. Links to further resources and more information.
  • Mobile Service Architecture: features, service/application environment for Java enabled devices which use MIDP, JTWI etc.
  • JavaFX: Learn what the program is, how to download, install and use NetBeans.  Learn more fundamentals through core tutorials.

How to pick the right online Java training center:

Since it is so universally used, there are many training centers that one can sign up with, to learn Java.  Oracle offers comprehensive online training too and is worth checking out.

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