January 9 Birthdays :183 Famous People Birthdays on 9 January

Scott Walker Birthday (January 9th)

Noel Scott Engel, well known through his stage name Scott Walker was born on 9th January, 1943 in Hamilton, Ohio. Biography of Scott Walker Initially championed through Eddie Fisher in late 1950s, he appeared quite a few times under his genuine name on Fisher's television series as a teenager i....

Richard Milhous Nixon Biography

Early Life of Richard Milhous Nixon Born in Yorba Linda, California, Richard Milhous Nixon served the United States as 37th President from 1969 to 1974.  He graduated from Duke University School of Law in 1937 and came back to California to practice law. Beginning of Political Career of R....

January 9 Birthday Wishes

January 9 Birthday Wishes

Take advantage of being young and knowing everything‚ before you get older and realize that you don’t. Happy Birthday.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A candle a day creates a large fire on your cake. Happy Birthday.

January 9Birthday Quotes

'If you look over the years‚ the styles have changed - the clothes‚ the hair‚ the production‚ the approach to the songs. The icing to the cake has changed flavors. But if you really look at the cake itself‚ it’s really the same.'

John Oates

'May happiness and sunshine fill your day not only on your birthday but the whole year through.'


People Born on January 9

Year Name
1475 Crinitus Florentine humanist (d. 1507)
1571 Charles Bonaventure de Longueval Count of Bucquoy‚ soldier in Habsburg service (d. 1621)
1589 Ivan Gundulic Croatian poet (d. 1638)
1685 Tiberius Hemsterhuis Dutch philologist (d. 1766)
1728 Thomas Warton English poet (d. 1790)
1735 John Jervis 1st Earl of St Vincent Royal Navy‚ Admiral of the Fleet
1745 Caleb Strong 6th and 10th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1819)
1773 Cassandra Austen English watercolorist and sister of Jane Austen (d. 1845)
1790 Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom Swedish poet (d. 1855)
1811 Gilbert Abbott ? Beckett English writer (d. 1856)
1819 James Francis Premier of Victoria (d. 1884)
1823 Johannes Friedrich August von Esmarch German surgeon (d. 1908)
1829 Thomas William Robertson English playwright (d. 1871)
1829 Adolf von Schlagintweit German explorer (d. 1857)
1832 Felix-Gabriel Marchand journalist‚ author and politician‚ Premier of Quebec (d. 1900)
1839 John Knowles Paine U.S. composer (d. 1906)
1848 Princess Frederica of Hanover
1849 John Hartley English tennis player‚ double winner of Wimbledon (d. 1935)
1854 Jennie Jerome American society beauty and mother of Winston Churchill (d. 1921)
1856 Anton Askerc Slovenian priest and poet (d. 1912)
1859 Carrie Chapman Catt American suffragist leader (d. 1947)
1864 Vladimir Steklov Russian mathematician (d. 1926)
1868 S. P. L. Sorensen Danish chemist (d. 1939)
1870 Joseph B Strauss American civil engineer (d. 1938)
1873 Hayyim Nahman Bialik Hebrew poet (d. 1934)
1875 Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney American socialite (d. 1942)
1879 John Broadus Watson American psychologist (d. 1958)
1881 Lascelles Abercrombie British poet and critic (d. 1938)
1881 Edouard Beaupre horse lifter (d. 1904)
1881 Giovanni Papini Italian writer (d. 1956)
1886 Lloyd Loar Acoustical engineer and inventor of the Gibson F-5 mandolin (d. 1943)
1890 Karel Capek Czech writer (d. 1938)
1890 Kurt Tucholsky German journalist (d. 1935)
1892 Eva Bowring American politician (d. 1985)
1896 Warwick Braithwaite New Zealand-born British conductor (d. 1971)
1897 Karl Lowith German philosopher (d. 1973)
1898 Vilma Banky Hungarian actress (d. 1991)
1898 Gracie Fields English music hall performer (d. 1979)
1898 Wally Baker American supercentenarian (d. 2009)
1900 Richard Halliburton American adventurer (presumed dead 1939)
1900 Maria of Romania Queen Consort of Yugoslavia (d. 1961)
1901 Chic Young American cartoonist (d. 1973)
1902 Rudolph Bing Austrian-born opera manager (d. 1997)
1902 Saint Josemaria Escriva Spanish Catholic priest and founder of Opus Dei (d. 1975)
1903 Hem Vejakorn Thai illustrator (d. 1969)
1908 Simone de Beauvoir French author (d. 1986)
1909 Herva Nelli Italian-born soprano (d. 1994)
1909 Anthony Mamo Malta's 1st President (d. 2008)
1909 Patrick Peyton Irish Roman Catholic prelate (d. 1992)
1909 John Richard Simplot American entrepreneur (d. 2008)
1912 Ralph Tubbs British architect (d. 1996)
1913 Richard Nixon 37th President of the United States (d. 1994)
1914 Kenny Clarke American jazz drummer and composer (d. 1985)
1915 Anita Louise U.S. actress (d. 1970)
1915 Fernando Lamas Argentine actor (d. 1982)
1916 Vic Mizzy American orchestra leader (d. 2009)
1916 Peter Twinn English World War II code-breaker (d. 2004)
1920 Chan Canasta Polish-British magician (d. 1999)
1920 Clive Dunn British actor
1920 Hakim Mohammed Said Pakistani scholar (d. 1998)
1921 Lister Sinclair Canadian broadcaster and playwright (d. 2006)
1922 Har Gobind Khorana Nobel laureate
1922 Ahmed Sekou Toure President of Guinea (d. 1984)
1924 Sergei Parajanov Armenian film director (d. 1990)
1925 Lee Van Cleef American actor (d. 1989)
1926 Jean-Pierre C?te Canadian politician
1928 Judith Krantz American author
1928 Domenico Modugno Italian singer and songwriter (d. 1994)
1929 Brian Friel Irish dramatist
1929 Heiner Muller German dramatist (d. 1995)
1929 Dorothea Puente American serial killer
1931 Algis Budrys American author (d. 2008)
1933 Robert Garcia American politician
1933 Wilbur Smith Zambian-British novelist
1934 Bart Starr American football player
1935 Bob Denver American actor (d. 2005)
1935 Dick Enberg American sportscaster
1935 Earl G. Graves Sr. African-American publisher
1935 Brian Harradine Australian independent Senator
1936 Anne Rivers Siddons American writer
1939 Susannah York British actress (d. 2011)
1940 Jimmy Boyd American actor and singer (d. 2009)
1940 Barbara Buczek Polish composer (d. 1993)
1940 Al Downing American singer (d. 2005)
1940 Ruth Dreifuss Swiss politician
1941 Joan Baez American singer and activist
1941 Gilles Vaillancourt Quebec politician
1942 K Callan American actress
1942 Lee Kun-hee Korean industrialist‚ chairman of Samsung
1942 Judy Malloy American hypertext fiction pioneer and artist
1943 Robert Drewe Australian author
1943 Elmer MacFadyen Canadian politician (d. 2007)
1943 Freddie Starr English comedian and singer
1943 Scott Walker American singer
1944 Ian Hornak American painter
1944 Jimmy Page British musician and producer (Led Zeppelin)
1945 John Doman American actor
1947 Ronnie Landfield American artist
1948 Bill Cowsill American singer (The Cowsills) (d. 2006)
1948 Cassie Gaines backup Singer (Lynyrd Skynyrd) (d. 1977)
1950 David Johansen American singer
1950 Rio Reiser German singer (d. 1996)
1951 M.L. Carr basketball player and coach
1951 Crystal Gayle American singer
1952 Hugh Bayley British politician
1952 Michael Capuano American politician
1953 Javad Alizadeh Iranian cartoonist.
1953 Morris Gleitzman British-Australian children's author
1955 Michiko Kakutani American literary critic
1955 J. K. Simmons American actor
1956 Kimberly Beck American actress
1956 Imelda Staunton British actress
1956 Mike Walczewski American public address announcer at Madison Square Garden
1957 Bibie Ghanaian singer
1957 Phil Lewis American singer (L.A. Guns)
1958 Mehmet Ali Agca Turkish attempted assassin of Pope John Paul II
1958 Stephen Neale British philosopher
1959 Mark Martin American race car driver
1959 Rigoberta Menchu Nobel Peace Prize laureate
1959 Cristi Minculescu Romanian musician
1959 Otis Nixon American baseball player
1961 Oliver Goldstick American screenwriter
1963 Michael Everson expert in writing systems and Unicode
1965 Darren Bennett Australian-born American football player
1965 Muggsy Bogues American basketball player
1965 Iain Dowie English football manager
1965 Eric Erlandson American musician
1965 Haddaway Trinidadian singer
1965 Joely Richardson British actress
1966 Jan Johansen Swedish singer
1967 Carl Bell American musician
1967 Claudio Caniggia Argentinian footballer
1967 Steve Harwell American singer and musician (Smash Mouth)
1967 Dave Matthews South African singer and musician
1967 Gary Teichmann South African rugby player
1968 Jimmy Adams West Indian cricketer
1968 Joey Lauren Adams American actress
1968 Catalina Saavedra Chilean actress
1968 Al Schnier American rock guitarist (moe.)
1970 Lara Fabian Belgian singer
1970 Alex Staropoli Italian keyboardist (Rhapsody Of Fire)
1970 Mia X American rapper
1971 Daniel Dumile American hip hop artist
1971 Angie Martinez American rapper and radio talk host
1971 Yusuke Naora Japanese game art director
1971 Hal Niedzviecki Canadian author
1971 Scott Thornton Canadian ice hockey player
1972 Sarah Beeny British TV personality
1972 Mat Hoffman Professional BMX Rider
1972 Jay Powell baseball player
1973 Angela Bettis American actress
1973 Sean Paul Jamaican ragga and hip hop musician
1974 Farhan Akhtar Indian Bollywood director‚ actor‚ producer‚ singer
1975 Kiko Calero Puerto Rican baseball player
1975 Kim Mathers Eminem's Ex Wife
1976 Radek Bonk Czech ice hockey player
1976 Simon Gosejohann German comedian
1976 Todd Grisham American professional wrestling interviewer
1977 Beth Troutman American production assistant
1978 Chad Ochocinco American football player
1978 Mathieu Garon Canadian ice hockey player
1978 Gennaro Gattuso Italian footballer
1978 AJ McLean American singer (Backstreet Boys)
1978 Maggie Rizer American model and AIDS activist
1979 Athanassios Prittas Greek footballer
1979 Tomiko Van Japanese singer
1980 Sergio Garcia Spanish golfer
1981 Euzebiusz Smolarek Polish footballer
1982 Timmy Bowers American basketball player
1982 Kate Middleton fiancee to Prince William of Wales
1983 Sharad Malhotra Indian television actor
1984 Benjamin Danso German rugby player
1986 Jeferson Brazilian footballer
1987 Sam Bird English racing driver
1987 Mao Inoue Japanese actress
1987 Lucas Pezzini Leiva Brazilian footballer
1987 Paolo Nutini Scottish singer/songwriter
1987 Pablo Santos Mexican actor (d. 2006)
1989 Michael Beasley American basketball player
1989 Nina Dobrev Bulgarian actress
1989 Michaella Krajicek Dutch tennis player
1989 Chris Sandow Australian Rugby League player
1990 Melissa Ricks Filipina actress