January 7 Birthdays :174 Famous People Birthdays on 7 January

Jon Lester Birthday (January 7th)

Jonathan Tyler Lester was born on 7th January, 1984 in Tacoma, Washington. Jon is left-handed opening pitcher in the Major League Baseball who plays for Boston Red Sox. Within two years, Jon reached at the last game of 2007 World Series. In May 2008, he threw no-hitter aligned with the Kansas Ci....

January 7 Birthday Wishes

January 7 Birthday Wishes

The gifts you receive today don’t compare to what you give to others every day. Happy Birthday.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You need to be sharp on your birthday. Happy Birthday.

January 7Birthday Quotes

'God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.'


'A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip!'


People Born on January 7

Year Name
1355 Thomas of Woodstock 1st Duke of Gloucester‚ son of Edward III of England (d. 1397)
1528 Jeanne d'Albret Queen of Navarre (d. 1572)
1647 Wilhelm Ludwig Duke of Wrttemberg (d. 1677)
1685 Jonas Alstromer Swedish industrialist (d. 1761)
1706 Johann Heinrich Zedler German publisher (d. 1751)
1718 Israel Putnam American Revolutionary War general (d. 1790)
1746 George Elphinstone 1st Viscount Keith‚ Royal Navy admiral (d. 1823)
1768 Joseph Bonaparte King of Naples (d. 1844)
1786 John Catron Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (d. 1865)
1800 Millard Fillmore 13th President of the United States (d. 1874)
1827 Sir Sandford Fleming Canadian engineer; introduced Universal Standard Time (d. 1915)
1831 Heinrich von Stephan German labor organizer (d. 1897)
1832 James Munro Premier of Victoria (d. 1908)
1834 Johann Philipp Reis German physicist and inventor (d. 1874)
1837 Thomas Henry Ismay founder of the White Star Line shipping company (d. 1899)
1844 Bernadette Soubirous French saint (d. 1879)
1858 Eliezer Ben-Yehuda key figure in the revival of Hebrew as a spoken language (d. 1922)
1860 Emanuil Manolov Bulgarian composer (d. 1902)
1870 Lord Gordon Hewart British judge (d. 1943)
1871 emile Borel French mathematician and politician (d. 1956)
1873 Charles Peguy French poet and essayist (d. 1914)
1873 Adolph Zukor Hungarian producer (d. 1976)
1875 Gustav Flatow German gymnast (d. 1945)
1875 Thomas Hicks American runner (d. 1963)
1876 William Hurlstone English composer (d. 1906)
1888 Vera de Bosset Russian artist‚ wife of Igor Stravinsky (d. 1982)
1891 Zora Neale Hurston African-American writer (d. 1960)
1895 Clara Haskil Romanian pianist (d. 1960)
1895 Sir Hudson Fysh Australian aviator and co-founder of QANTAS (d. 1974)
1896 Arnold Ridley British playwright and actor (d. 1984)
1899 Al Bowlly British jazz singer (d. 1941)
1899 Francis Poulenc French composer (d. 1963)
1900 John Brownlee Australian tenor (d. 1969)
1903 Alan Napier English actor (d. 1988)
1906 Bobbi Trout American aviator (d. 2003)
1907 Nicanor Zabaleta Spanish harpist (d. 1993)
1908 Red Allen American musician (d. 1967)
1910 Orval Faubus Governor of Arkansas (d. 1994)
1911 Butterfly McQueen American actress (d. 1995)
1912 Charles Addams American cartoonist (d. 1988)
1912 Gnter Wand German conductor‚ composer (d. 2002)
1913 Johnny Mize American baseball player (d. 1993)
1916 Paul Keres Estonian chess player (d. 1975)
1917 Ulysses Kay American composer (d. 1995)
1921 Chester Kallman American writer (d. 1975)
1922 Vincent Gardenia Italian-born actor (d. 1992)
1922 Jean-Pierre Rampal French flutist (d. 2000)
1922 Eric Jupp British-born Australian composer‚ arranger‚ conductor (d. 2003)
1922 Alvin Dark American baseball player and manager
1923 Hugh Kenner Canadian literary critic (d. 2003)
1924 Pablo Birger Argentine racing driver (d. 1966)
1924 Geoffrey Bayldon British actor
1925 Gerald Durrell British naturalist (d. 1995)
1928 William Peter Blatty American screenwriter
1929 Terry Moore American actress
1932 Joe Berinson Australian politician
1933 Elliott Kastner U.S. film producer
1934 Tassos Papadopoulos President of Cyprus (d. 2008)
1934 Jean Corbeil Canadian politician (d. 2002)
1934 Charles Jenkins American sprinter
1935 Kenny Davern American jazz clarinetist (d. 2006)
1935 Tommy Johnson American tubist (d. 2006)
1935 Valeri Kubasov Soviet cosmonaut
1936 Ben Cropp Australian shark hunter and photographer
1936 G. Robert Blakey American attorney
1938 Roland Topor French illustrator (d. 1997)
1938 Lou Graham American golfer
1939 Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark
1941 Iona Brown British violinist and conductor (d. 2004)
1941 Manfred Schellscheidt German American soccer coach
1941 John E. Walker English chemist‚ Nobel Prize laureate
1941 Frederick D. Gregory NASA astronaut
1942 Danny Williams South African singer (d. 2005)
1942 Vasily Alexeev Russian weightlifter
1942 Jim Lefebvre American baseball player and manager
1943 Sadako Sasaki Japanese child victim of the Hiroshima atomic bomb (d. 1955)
1943 Sir Richard Armstrong British conductor
1944 Arne Scheie Norwegian sports commentator
1944 Tony Whitlam Australian judge
1945 Tony Conigliaro American baseball player (d. 1990)
1945 Gilles Marotte French Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2005)
1945 Dick Marty Swiss politician
1945 Raila Odinga Prime Minister of Kenya
1946 Jann Wenner American publisher
1947 Shobha De Indian writer
1948 Kenny Loggins American singer
1949 Marshall Chapman American singer/songwriter
1949 Anne Schedeen American actress
1949 Steven Williams American actor
1950 Juan Gabriel Mexican singer and songwriter
1950 Erin Gray American actress
1950 Ross Grimsley American baseball player
1950 Malcolm Macdonald English footballer
1951 Helen Worth British actress
1952 Sammo Hung Hong Kong actor
1953 Morris Titanic Canadian ice hockey player
1954 Jose Maria Vitier Cuban music composer and pianist.
1956 David Caruso American actor
1956 Mike Liut Canadian ice hockey player
1956 Uwe Ochsenknecht German actor and singer
1957 Nicholson Baker American novelist
1957 Katie Couric American television host
1957 Julian Solis Puerto Rican boxer
1957 Reena Roy Indian actress
1958 Linda Kozlowski American actress
1958 Donna Rice American sex scandal figure
1959 Jon Larsen Norwegian musician and composer
1959 Kathy Valentine American musician (The Go-Go's)
1960 David Marciano American actor
1960 Loretta Sanchez American politician
1961 Andrew Thomson Australian politician
1961 Supriya Pathak Indian actress
1961 John Thune American politician
1962 Aleksandr Dugin Russian politician
1962 Hallie Todd American actress
1963 Clint Mansell English musician and composer
1963 Rand Paul American politician
1964 Nicolas Cage American actor
1966 Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy American publicist (d. 1999)
1966 Ehab Tawfik Egyptian singer
1967 Guy Hebert American ice hockey player
1967 Mark Lamarr British comedian and broadcaster
1967 Nick Clegg British Liberal Democrat Leader
1969 David Yost American actor
1970 Todd Day American basketball player
1970 Doug E. Doug American actor
1970 Joao Ricardo Angolan footballer
1971 C.W. Anderson American professional wrestler
1971 Tina Anderson American comic book writer
1971 Jeremy Renner American actor
1972 Donald Brashear American ice hockey player
1973 Baiba Broka Latvian actress
1973 Jonna Tervomaa Finnish singer
1974 Alenka Bikar Slovenian athlete
1974 John Rich American musician (Big & Rich)
1976 eric Gagne Canadian baseball player
1976 Alfonso Soriano Dominican baseball player
1977 Michelle Behennah British model
1977 Dustin Diamond American actor
1977 John Gidding American architect and TV host
1978 Kevin Mench American baseball player
1978 Emilio Palma first person born on the Antarctic continent
1978 Jean Charles de Menezes Brazilian shooting victim (d. 2005)
1979 Bipasha Basu Indian model & actress
1979 Ricardo Mauricio Brazilian racing driver
1979 Mariangel Ruiz Venezuelan actress and model
1980 Campbell Johnstone New Zealand All Black rugby player
1980 Roshini Indian faux pas celebrity
1980 Zoe Salmon Northern Irish television presenter
1981 Alex Auld Canadian ice hockey player
1981 Marquis Daniels American basketball player
1982 Francisco Rodriguez Venezuelan baseball player
1982 Hannah Stockbauer German swimmer
1982 Ianina Zanazzi Argentine racing driver
1983 Edwin Encarnacion Dominican baseball player (raised in Puerto Rico)
1983 Natalie Gulbis American golfer
1983 Robert Ri'chard American actor
1983 Liesbeth Mouha Belgian beach volleyball player
1984 Diego Balbinot Italian footballer
1984 Jon Lester American baseball player
1984 Antonino Saviano Italian footballer
1985 Lewis Hamilton English F1 racing driver
1985 Wayne Routledge English footballer
1986 Grant Leadbitter English footballer
1987 Lyndsy Fonseca American actress
1988 Haley Bennett American singer and actress
1988 Scott Pendlebury Australian footballer
1988 Robert Sheehan Irish actor
1989 Emiliano Insua Argentine footballer
1990 Liam Aiken American actor
1990 Elene Gedevanishvili Georgian figure skater
1990 Camryn Grimes American actress
1990 Gregor Schlierenzauer Austrian ski jumper
1991 Max Morrow Canadian actor