January 24 Birthdays :143 Famous People Birthdays on 24 January

Mischa Barton Birthday (January 24th)

Mischa Anne Marsden Barton an English television, film, stage actress was born on 24th January, 1986 in Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom. Mischa Barton is famous for her character as Marissa Cooper in American TV series The O.C. Mischa Barton Biography Early Life Mischa Barton was the dau....

January 24 Birthday Wishes

January 24 Birthday Wishes

May you always have enough happiness to keep you sweet‚ enough trials to keep you strong‚ enough success to keep you trying‚ enough faith to give you courage and enough determination to make each day a good day. Happy Birthday.

Celebrate your birthday‚ go have lots of fun‚ everybody should enjoy it and have tons of fun. Happy Birthday.

January 24Birthday Quotes

'You take away all the other luxuries in life‚ and if you can make someone smile and laugh‚ you have given the most special gift: happiness.'

Brad Garrett

'The best birthdays of all are those that haven’t arrived yet.'

Robert Orben

People Born on January 24

Year Name
3 BC Galba Roman Emperor (d. 69)
76 Hadrian Roman Emperor (d. 138)
1287 Richard Aungerville English bishop (d. 1345)
1444 Galeazzo Maria Sforza Duke of Milan (d. 1476)
1540 Edmund Campion English Jesuit (d. 1581)
1638 Charles Sackville 6th Earl of Dorset
1670 William Congreve English playwright (d. 1729)
1674 Thomas Tanner English bishop (d. 1735)
1679 Christian Wolff German philosopher (d. 1754)
1705 Farinelli Italian castrato (d. 1782)
1712 King Frederick II of Prussia
1724 Frances Brooke English writer (d. 1789)
1732 Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais French playwright (d. 1799)
1742 Anne Duchess of Cumberland and Strathearn (d. 1808)
1746 King Gustav III of Sweden
1752 Muzio Clementi Italian composer (d. 1832)
1754 Andrew Ellicott American surveyor (d. 1820)
1763 Louis Alexandre Andrault de Langeron Russian general (d. 1831)
1776 E.T.A. Hoffmann German writer (d. 1822)
1779 Tsarina Elizabeth Alexeievna
1848 Vasily Surikov Russian painter (d. 1916)
1862 Edith Wharton American writer (d. 1937)
1864 Marguerite Durand French suffragette (d. 1936)
1872 Konstantin Bogaevsky Russian painter (d. 1943)
1872 Ethel Turner Australian author (d. 1958)
1886 Henry King American film director (d. 1982)
1888 Vicki Baum Austrian writer (d. 1960)
1888 Ernst Heinkel German aircraft designer (d. 1958)
1891 Walter Model German field marshal (d. 1945)
1895 Eugen Roth German writer (d. 1976)
1898 Cliff Heathcote American baseball player (d. 1939)
1900 Theodosius Dobzhansky Ukrainian-born American geneticist and biologist (d. 1975)
1901 Edward Turner English motorcycle designer (d. 1973)
1901 Harry Calder South African cricketer (d. 1995)
1902 E. A. Speiser American biblical scholar (d. 1965)
1905 J. Howard Marshall American billionaire (d. 1995)
1907 Maurice Couve de Murville French politician (d. 1999)
1909 Martin Lings English Islamic scholar (d. 2005)
1909 Ann Todd English actress (d. 1993)
1910 Doris Haddock American political activist (d. 2010)
1913 Norman Dello Joio American composer (d. 2008)
1915 Robert Motherwell American painter (d. 1991)
1916 Jack Brickhouse American sports broadcaster (d. 1998)
1916 Rafael Caldera President of Venezuela (d. 2009)
1916 Arnoldo Fo Italian actor
1917 Ernest Borgnine American actor
1918 Oral Roberts American evangelist (d. 2009)
1919 Coleman Francis American film director (d. 1973)
1920 Jerry Maren American actor
1922 Charles Socarides American psychiatrist (d. 2005)
1925 Maria Tallchief American ballerina
1926 Georges Lautner French director and screenwriter
1927 Sir Patrick Macnaghten 11th Baronet
1928 Desmond Morris British anthropologist
1928 Michel Serrault French actor (d. 2007)
1930 Bernard Matthews British poultry industry figure (d. 2010)
1934 Stanislaw Grochowiak Polish poet (d. 1976)
1935 Eric Ashton English rugby league footballer (d. 2008)
1936 Doug Kershaw American musician
1939 Ray Stevens American musician
1941 Neil Diamond American singer
1941 Aaron Neville American singer
1942 Gary Hart American professional wrestling figure (d. 2008)
1943 Subhash Ghai Indian film director
1943 Sharon Tate American actress and Manson murder victim (d. 1969)
1943 Peter Struck German politician
1944 Klaus Nomi German singer (d. 1983)
1945 D. Todd Christofferson American religious figure
1945 John Garamendi American politician
1946 Michael Ontkean Canadian actor
1946 Haji Canadian actress
1947 Masashi Ozaki Japanese golfer
1947 Michio Kaku Japanese-born American theoretical physicist
1947 Warren Zevon American musician (d. 2003)
1948 Michael Des Barres British actor and rock singer
1949 John Belushi American actor (d. 1982)
1950 Daniel Auteuil French actor
1950 Gennifer Flowers American actress
1950 Benjamin Urrutia Ecuadorian-born American writer
1951 Yakov Smirnoff Ukrainian-born American comedian
1954 Jo Gartner Austrian racing driver (d. 1986)
1955 Jim Montgomery American swimmer
1956 Hanne Krogh Norwegian singer (Bobbysocks)
1956 Loun?s Matoub Algerian Berber Kabyle singer (d. 1998)
1957 Mark Eaton American basketball player
1957 Adrian Edmondson English comedian
1958 Neil Allen American baseball player
1958 Jools Holland English musician
1959 David Mills American author
1959 Vic Reeves English comedian
1960 Rick Leventhal American television news correspondent
1960 Jack Neo Singaporean filmmaker & actor
1961 Guido Buchwald German football player
1961 Nastassja Kinski German-born actress
1961 Vince Russo American writer
1961 William Van Dijck Belgian athlete
1962 Argiris Kambouris Greek basketball player
1963 Martyn Grimley English field hockey player
1963 Arnold Vanderlyde Dutch boxer
1965 Mike Awesome American professional wrestler (d. 2007)
1965 Carlos Saldanha Brazilian film director
1966 Jimeoin Northern Irish comedian
1967 Mark Kozelek American singer/songwriter (Red House Painters
1967 Phil LaMarr American actor
1967 John Myung American musician (Dream Theater)
1968 Michael Kiske German musician
1968 Mary Lou Retton American gymnast
1969 Hilmir Sn?r Gu?nason Icelandic actor
1970 Matthew Lillard American actor
1971 Cory Bailey American baseball player
1971 Andrea Mackris American television producer
1972 Naoshi Mizuta Japanese composer
1972 Daan Schuurmans Dutch actor
1972 Ulla Werbrouck Belgian judoka and politician
1974 Adam Dean American philosopher
1974 Ed Helms American actor
1975 Rnald Gmez Costa Rican footballer
1975 Isobel Cooper English singer
1976 Shae-Lynn Bourne Canadian ice dancer
1976 Cindy Pieters Belgian cyclist
1977 Kensuke Kita Japanese guitarist (Asian Kung-Fu Generation)
1979 Tatyana Ali American actress and singer
1979 Leandro Desabato Argentine footballer
1979 Tom Kostopoulos Canadian ice hockey player
1980 Rocky Boiman American football player
1980 Nicole Marie Lenz American actress
1981 Travis Hanson American baseball player
1982 Fiona Xie Singaporean actress
1983 Diane Birch American singer/songwriter/pianist
1983 Scott Speed American race car driver
1983 Shaun Maloney Scottish footballer
1983 Wyatt Crockett New Zealand rugby player
1984 Scott Kazmir American baseball player
1984 Witold Kieltyka Polish drummer (Decapitated) (d. 2007)
1984 Paulo Sergio Portuguese footballer
1986 Mischa Barton English-born American actress
1986 Raviv Ullman Israeli-born American actor
1987 Wayne Hennessey Welsh-born footballer
1987 Luis Suarez Uruguayan footballer
1988 Jade Ewen English singer
1989 Calvin Goldspink English singer/actor (S Club 8)
1990 Mao Abe Japanese singer-songwriter
1995 Callan McAuliffe Australian actor