January 22 Birthdays :208 Famous People Birthdays on 22 January

Beverley Mitchell Birthday (January 22nd)

Beverley Ann Mitchell, an American country music singer and actress was born on 22nd January, 1981 in Arcadia, California. Beverley Mitchell is famous for her character as Reverend Lucy Camden-Kinkirk on the television series 7th Heaven. Beverley Mitchell Biography Career Graph When Beverley M....

Lord Byron Biography

Lord Byron (1788 -1824) – A celebrated English Poet A leading figure in Romanticism and prominent English poet, Lord Byron is known for his wonderful writings. His full name is George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron and later George Gordon Noel, 6th Baron Byron is regarded as one of the gre....

January 22 Birthday Wishes

January 22 Birthday Wishes

May you find good times and friends on whichever path youfollow. Happy Birthday.

Celbratin ya birthdizzle! How old? wowza! youse getting to be an oooold man. anyways just want to wish marvelous wishes to the dude we will always love. I’m out peeeeeace...

January 22Birthday Quotes

'You don’t get older‚ you get better.'

Shirley Bassey

'May your years be counted not by your age but by how you spend your days.'

A Birthday Wish

People Born on January 22

Year Name
1263 Ibn Taymiya Islamic scholar (d. 1328)
1440 Ivan III of Russia
1553 Mori Terumoto Japanese warrior (d. 1625)
1561 Sir Francis Bacon English philosopher (d. 1626)
1570 Sir Robert Bruce Cotton English politician (d. 1631)
1592 Pierre Gassendi French philosopher
1654 Richard Blackmore English physician and writer (d. 1729)
1690 Nicolas Lancret French painter (d. 1743)
1729 Gotthold Ephraim Lessing German author and philosopher (d. 1781)
1733 Philip Carteret British Naval Officer (d. 1796)
1740 Noah Phelps American Spy (d. 1809)
1781 Francois Antoine Habeneck French violinist (d. 1849)
1788 George Gordon Byron 6th Baron Byron (Lord Byron)
1796 Karl Claus Russian chemist (d. 1864)
1797 Maria Leopoldina of Austria Empress of Brazil (d. 1826)
1799 Ludger Duvernay Canadian printer and publisher (d. 1852)
1820 Joseph Wolf German artist (d. 1899)
1831 Jack Slade American frontier figure (d. 1864)
1831 Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein
1840 Ernest Roland Wilberforce English bishop (d. 1907)
1849 August Strindberg Swedish writer (d. 1912)
1858 Beatrice Webb English economist (d. 1943)
1869 Grigori Rasputin Russian monk (d. 1916)
1869 Jose Vicente de Freitas Portuguese military officer and politician (d. 1952)
1874 Edward Harkness American philanthropist (d. 1940)
1874 Jay Hughes American baseball player (d. 1924)
1875 D. W. Griffith American film director (d. 1948)
1876 Warren McLaughlin American baseball player (d. 1923)
1877 Tom Jones American baseball player (d. 1923)
1879 Francis Picabia French-born painter and poet (d. 1953)
1880 Bill O'Neill American baseball player (d. 1920)
1881 Ira Thomas American baseball player (d. 1958)
1882 Theodore Kosloff Russian-born actor
1886 Roman Ungern von Sternberg Russian counter-revolutionary (d. 1921)
1887 Helen Hoyt American poet (d. 1972)
1889 Henri Pelissier French cyclist (d. 1935)
1889 Amos Strunk American baseball player (d. 1979)
1890 Fred M. Vinson 13th Chief Justice of the United States (d. 1953)
1890 Vinko Zganec Croatian ethnomusicologist (d. 1976)
1891 Antonio Gramsci Italian philosopher
1892 Marcel Dassault French industrialist (d. 1986)
1893 Conrad Veidt German actor (d. 1943)
1897 Rosa Ponselle American soprano (d. 1981)
1900 Ernst Busch German singer and actor (d. 1980)
1902 Daniel Kinsey American hurdler (d. 1970)
1903 Fritz Houtermans Polish physicist (d. 1966)
1903 Robin Milford British composer (d. 1959)
1904 George Balanchine Russian choreographer (d. 1983)
1904 Arkady Gaidar Russian children's writer (d. 1941)
1904 John Milligan American baseball player (d. 1972)
1906 Joe Gladwin English actor (d. 1987)
1906 Robert E. Howard American author (d. 1936)
1907 Douglas Corrigan American pilot (d. 1995)
1907 Dixie Dean English footballer (d. 1980)
1907 Mary Dresselhuys Dutch actress (d. 2004)
1908 Lev Landau Soviet physicist
1908 Prince Oana American baseball player (d. 1976)
1909 Porfirio Rubirosa Dominican diplomat and international playboy (d. 1965)
1909 Ann Sothern American actress (d. 2001)
1909 U Thant Burmese diplomat and 3rd United Nations Secretary General (d. 1974)
1911 Bruno Kreisky Chancellor of Austria (d. 1990)
1913 William Conway Northern Irish cardinal (d. 1977)
1913 Carl F. H. Henry American theologian and publisher (d. 2003)
1913 Henry Bauchau Belgian novelist
1914 Dimitris Dragatakis Greek composer (d. 2001)
1915 Heinrich Albertz German theologian and politician (d. 1993)
1916 Bill Durnan Canadian ice hockey player (d. 1972)
1916 Henri Dutilleux French composer
1916 Harilal Upadhyay Gujarati author
1917 Huck Geary American baseball player (d. 1981)
1918 Elmer Lach Canadian ice hockey player
1919 Diomedes Olivo Dominican Republic baseball player (d. 1977)
1920 Irving Kristol American pundit
1920 Sir Alf Ramsey English football manager (d. 1999)
1922 Howard Moss American poet
1924 J. J. Johnson American jazz trombonist and composer (d. 2001)
1925 Johnny Bucha American baseball player (d. 1996)
1925 Bobby Young American baseball player (d. 1985)
1927 Lou Creekmur American football player
1928 Yoshihiko Amino Japanese historian (d. 2004)
1931 Sam Cooke American singer (d. 1964)
1932 Berthold Grnfeld Norwegian psychiatrist and former sexologist
1932 Piper Laurie American actress
1934 Bill Bixby American actor (d. 1993)
1934 Graham Kerr British-born chef
1935 Seymour Cassel American actor
1936 Alan J. Heeger American chemist
1936 Ong Teng Cheong 5th President of Singapore (d. 2002)
1937 Eden Pastora Nicaraguan rebel leader
1937 Joseph Wambaugh American author
1938 Altair Brazilian footballer
1939 Jorgen Garde Danish admiral (d. 1996)
1939 Alfredo Palacio former President of Ecuador
1939 Jeff Smith American chef (d. 2004)
1939 J.C. Tremblay Canadian ice hockey player (d. 1994)
1940 John Hurt English actor
1940 George Seifert American football coach
1942 Mimis Domazos Greek footballer
1943 Marilia Pera Brazilian actress
1945 Arthur Beetson Australian rugby league footballer and coach
1946 Malcolm McLaren British music manager (d. 2010)
1946 Serge Savard Canadian ice hockey player
1948 Gilbert Levine American conductor
1948 Northern Calloway American actor (d. 1990)
1949 Mike Caldwell American baseball player
1949 Phil Miller English guitarist (National Health
1949 Steve Perry American singer and musician (Journey)
1951 Ondrej Nepela Slovak figure skater (d. 1989)
1951 Leon Roberts American baseball player
1951 Steve J. Spears Australian playwright
1952 Ramn Aviles Puerto Rican baseball player
1952 Teddy Gentry American musician (Alabama)
1952 Ace Vergel Filipino actor (d. 2007)
1953 Jim Jarmusch American director
1953 Myung-Whun Chung South Korean Conductor and pianist
1954 Tully Blanchard American professional wrestler
1954 Chris Lemmon American actor
1954 Peter Pilz Austrian politician
1955 Timothy R. Ferguson American politician
1955 Thomas David Jones American astronaut
1956 Steve Riley American drummer
1956 John Wesley Shipp American actor
1957 Mike Bossy Canadian ice hockey player
1957 Brian Dayett American baseball player
1957 Godfrey Thoma Nauruan politician
1957 Rene Requiestas Filipino comedian (d. 1993)
1957 Francis Wheen English writer and journalist
1958 Nikos Anastopoulos Greek football player and manager
1959 Linda Blair American actress
1960 Michael Hutchence Australian singer (INXS) (d. 1997)
1961 Daniel Johnston American singer-songwriter and artist
1961 Quintin Dailey American basketball player (d. 2010)
1962 Choi Min-sik South Korean actor
1962 Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin of Terengganu Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia
1963 Javier Ortiz American baseball player
1963 Andrei Tchmil Ukrainian-Belgian cyclist
1963 Jeff Treadway American baseball player
1964 Wayne Kirby American baseball player
1964 Nigel Benn English boxer
1964 Joe Dudek American football player
1965 Steven Adler American drummer (Guns N' Roses)
1965 DJ Jazzy Jeff American rapper and actor
1965 Diane Lane American actress
1965 Brian McCardie Scottish actor
1965 Andrew Roachford English singer and songwriter
1965 Chintara Sukapatana Thai actress
1967 Ecaterina Szabo Romanian gymnast
1967 Nick Gillingham British swimmer
1967 Eleanor McEvoy Irish singer and songwriter
1967 Manabu Nakanishi Japanese professional wrestler
1968 Heath Japanese bass guitarist (X Japan)
1968 Frank Leb?uf French footballer
1968 Mauricio Serna Colombian footballer
1969 Olivia d'Abo English actress
1969 Ken Ballone Musician U.S.A. for M.O.D.
1969 Keith Gordon American baseball player
1969 John Linton Roberson American cartoonist
1970 Abraham Olano Spanish cyclist
1970 Alex Ross American comic book artist
1971 Stan Collymore English footballer
1972 Gabriel Macht American actor
1972 Romi Park Japanese seiyu (voice actress)
1972 Gonzalo Rodriguez Uruguayan racing driver (d. 1999)
1972 Namrata Shirodkar Indian actress
1972 Katie Barberi Mexican actress
1973 Rogerio Ceni Brazilian footballer
1974 Cameron McConville Australian racing driver
1975 Balthazar Getty American actor
1975 Felipe Giaffone Brazilian racing driver
1975 David Vyborny Czech ice hockey player
1976 Jimmy Anderson American baseball player
1976 James Dearth American football player
1977 Jono Gibbes New Zealand rugby union footballer
1977 Hidetoshi Nakata Japanese footballer
1977 Matthew Newton Australian actor
1977 Aaron Rakers American baseball player
1977 Luciano Andrade Rissutt Brazilian footballer
1978 Chone Figgins American baseball player
1979 Carlos Ruiz Panamanian baseball player
1980 Jake Grove American football player
1980 Christopher Masterson American actor
1980 Ben Moody American guitarist (Evanescence)
1980 Jonathan Woodgate English footballer
1980 Subhash Ram Prajapati Nepalese writer
1981 Willa Ford American singer
1981 Beverley Mitchell American actress
1981 Ibrahima Sonko French footballer
1982 Fabricio Coloccini Argentine footballer
1982 Jason Peters American football player
1983 Shaun Cody American football player
1984 Ben Eager Canadian ice hockey player
1984 Ubaldo Jimenez Dominican baseball player
1984 Raica Oliveira Brazilian model
1984 Leon Powe American basketball player
1984 Maceo Rigters Dutch footballer
1985 Mohamed Sissoko Malian footballer
1985 Orianthi Panagaris Australian guitarist
1986 Lee Pa-ni South Korean model
1986 Daniel Wayne Smith American reality television personality (d. 2006)
1987 Astrid Jacobsen Norwegian cross-country skier
1987 Ray Rice American football player
1987 Shane Long Irish footballer
1988 Greg Oden American basketball player
1988 Asher Allen American football player
1990 Alize Cornet French tennis player
1991 Alex MacDowall British racing driver
1993 Rio Haryanto Indonesian racing driver
1993 Tommy Knight English Actor