January 1 Birthdays :306 Famous People Birthdays on 1 January

Kimberly Page Birthday (January 1st)

Kimberly Page Kimberly Lynn Bacon, an American actress and earlier valet for her spouse Diamond Dallas Page, well known through the name Kimberly Page was born on 1st January, 1970 in Chicago, Illinois. Kimberly has emerged in Playboy newsstand Specials from 1994 to 1999. Kimberly emerged in ....

January 1 Birthday Wishes

January 1 Birthday Wishes

Though I want be there for your birthday‚ I hope that it is full of fun and doing stuff that you like. Happy Birthday!

A friend like you give friends a good reputation even though together we might deserve a bad reputation. Happy Birthday.

January 1Birthday Quotes

'A birthday is just another day where you go to work and people give you love. Age is just a state of mind‚ and you are as old as you think you are. You have to count your blessings and be happy.'

Abhishek Bachchan

'Youth is a disease from which we all recover. '

Dorothy Fulheim

People Born on January 1

Year Name
766 Ali al-Rida Shia Imam (d. 818)
1484 Huldrych Zwingli Swiss religious figure (d. 1531)
1511 Henry Duke of Cornwall (d. 1511)
1516 Margaret Leijonhufvud Queen of Gustav I of Sweden (d. 1551)
1600 Friedrich Spanheim Dutch theologian (d. 1649)
1614 John Wilkins English Bishop of Chester (d. 1672)
1618 Bartolome Esteban Murillo Spanish painter (baptism) (d. 1682)
1648 Elkanah Settle English writer (d. 1724)
1655 Christian Thomasius German jurist (d. 1728)
1684 Arnold Drakenborch Dutch classical scholar (d. 1748)
1704 Soame Jenyns English writer (d. 1787)
1711 Franz Freiherr von der Trenck Austrian soldier (d. 1749)
1714 Kristijonas Donelaitis Lithuanian poet (d. 1780)
1735 Paul Revere American patriot (d. 1818)
1745 Anthony Wayne American general and statesman (d. 1796)
1750 Frederick Muhlenberg American statesman and 1st and 3rd Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (d. 1801)
1752 Betsy Ross American seamstress (d. 1836)
1767 Maria Edgeworth Anglo-Irish novelist (d. 1849)
1774 Andre Marie Constant Dumeril French zoologist (d. 1860)
1779 William Clowes English printer (d. 1847)
1803 Guglielmo Libri Carucci dalla Sommaja Italian mathematician (d. 1869)
1814 Hong Xiuquan Chinese rebel (d. 1864)
1819 Arthur Hugh Clough English poet (d. 1861)
1823 Sandor Petofi Hungarian poet and revolutionary (d. 1849)
1833 Robert Lawson New Zealand architect (d. 1902)
1834 Ludovic Halevy French playwright (d. 1908)
1848 John Goff Irish lawyer (d. 1924)
1852 Eugene-Anatole Demarcay French chemist (d. 1904)
1854 Sir James George Frazer Scottish anthropologist (d. 1941)
1863 Pierre de Coubertin French aristocrat and founder of the modern Olympic Games (d. 1937)
1864 Qi Baishi Chinese painter (d. 1957)
1864 Alfred Stieglitz American photographer (d. 1946)
1867 Lew Fields American vaudeville performer (d. 1941)
1868 Snitz Edwards American actor (d. 1937)
1873 Mariano Azuela Mexican novelist (d. 1952)
1874 Frank Knox American journalist and 46th United States Secretary of the Navy (d. 1944)
1874 Gustave Whitehead German inventor (d. 1927)
1876 Harriet Brooks Canadian physicist (d. 1933)
1878 Agner Krarup Erlang Danish scientist and engineer (d. 1929)
1879 E. M. Forster English novelist (d. 1970)
1879 William Fox Hungarian-born American film producer (d. 1952)
1881 Vajiravudh King of Thailand (d. 1925)
1887 Wilhelm Canaris German admiral (d. 1945)
1888 John Garand American inventor (d. 1974)
1888 Georgios Stanotas Greek cavalry officer (d. 1965)
1889 Charles Bickford American film actor (d. 1967)
1890 Anton Melik Slovenian geographer (d. 1966)
1892 Artur Rodzinski Croatian conductor (d. 1958)
1892 Manuel Roxas Filipino statesman (d. 1948)
1894 Satyendra Nath Bose Indian mathematician (d. 1974)
1894 Shitsu Nakano Japanese supercentenarian (d. 2007)
1895 J. Edgar Hoover American FBI director (d. 1972)
1900 Xavier Cugat Spanish musician (d. 1990)
1900 Chiune Sugihara Japanese diplomat (d. 1986)
1902 Buster Nupen South African cricketer (d. 1977)
1904 Vasilis Avlonitis Greek actor (d. 1970)
1904 Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry Pakistani politician (d. 1982)
1905 Stanislaw Mazur Polish mathematician (d. 1981)
1906 Giovanni D'Anzi Italian songwriter (d. 1974)
1908 Bill Tapia American musician
1909 Dana Andrews American actor (d. 1992)
1909 Stepan Bandera Ukrainian nationalist leader (d. 1959)
1911 Basil Dearden British film director (d. 1971)
1911 Hank Greenberg American baseball player (d. 1986)
1911 Roman Totenberg Polish-born American violinist
1911 Audrey Wurdemann American poet (d.1960)
1912 Boris Vladimirovich Gnedenko Russian mathematician (d. 1995)
1912 Kim Philby British spy (d. 1988)
1912 Nikiforos Vrettakos Greek writer and poet (d. 1991)
1914 Noor Inayat Khan Indian princess and SOE agent (d. 1944)
1917 Jule Gregory Charney American meteorologist (d. 1981)
1917 Albert Mol Dutch actor (d. 2004)
1918 Patrick Anthony Porteous Scottish Victoria Cross recipient (d. 2000)
1918 Frances Bay Canadian actress
1919 Rocky Graziano American boxer (d. 1990)
1919 Carole Landis American film actress (d. 1948)
1919 J. D. Salinger American novelist (d. 2010)
1919 Yoshio Tabata Japanese singer
1920 Virgilio Savona Italian singer (Quartetto Cetra) (d. 2009)
1921 Ismail al-Faruqi Palestinian philosopher (d. 1986)
1921 Cesar Baldaccini French sculptor (d. 1998)
1921 Wadih El Safi Lebanese singer and songwriter
1922 Ernest Hollings American politician‚ 106th Governor of South Carolina and United States Senator from South Carolina
1922 Jerry Robinson American comic book artist
1923 Daniel Gorenstein American mathematician (d. 1992)
1923 Milt Jackson American jazz vibraphonist (d. 1999)
1924 Roberts Blossom American actor and poet
1924 Charlie Munger American philanthropist
1925 "Matthew ""Stymie"" Beard" American actor (d. 1981)
1925 Paul Bomani Tanzanian politician and ambassador (d. 2005)
1925 Valentina Cortese Italian actress
1925 Raymond Pellegrin French actor (d. 2007)
1926 Richard Verreau French-Canadian tenor (d. 2005)
1927 Maurice Bejart French choreographer (d. 2007)
1927 Pat Heywood Scottish actress
1927 Calum MacKay Canadian hockey player (d. 2001)
1927 Vernon L. Smith American economist‚ Nobel Prize in Economics winner
1927 Doak Walker American football star (d. 1998)
1928 Ernest Tidyman American writer (d. 1984)
1928 Gerhard Weinberg German-American historian
1929 Raymond Chow Hong Kong film producer
1929 Joseph Lombardo American mafioso
1929 Haruo Nakajima Japanese actor
1930 Gaafar al-Nimeiry Sudanese politician (d. 2009)
1930 Jean-Pierre Duprey French poet and sculptor (d. 1959)
1930 Ty Hardin American film actor
1930 Frederick Wiseman American documentary filmmaker
1932 Jackie Parker American football player (d. 2006)
1932 Giuseppe Patane Italian opera conductor (d. 1989)
1933 Frederick Lowy Canadian educator
1933 Joe Orton English writer (d. 1967)
1933 Norman Yemm Australian actor
1933 Joseph Koo Chinese composer
1933 James Hormel American philanthropist and diplomat
1935 B. Kliban American cartoonist (d. 1990)
1936 James Sinegal American businessman
1936 Don Nehlen American football player and coach
1937 John Fuller English poet
1937 Matt Robinson American actor (d. 2002)
1937 Adam Wisniewski-Snerg Polish author (d. 1995)
1938 Clay Cole American television host and producer (d. 2010)
1938 Robert Jankel British coachbuilder (d. 2005)
1938 Frank Langella American actor
1939 Michele Mercier French actress
1941 Asrani Indian actor and comedian
1941 Barry Goldberg American musician
1942 Dennis Archer American politician
1942 Martin Frost American politician
1942 Country Joe McDonald American musician (Country Joe and the Fish)
1942 Alassane Ouattara former Prime Minister of Ivory Coast
1942 Gennadi Sarafanov Soviet cosmonaut (d. 2005)
1942 Judy Stone Australian pop singer
1942 Al Hunt American reporter and news anchor
1943 Larry Clark American director
1943 Tony Knowles American politician and 7th Governor of Alaska
1943 Raghunath Anant Mashelkar Indian scientist
1943 Don Novello American actor
1943 Ronald Perelman American businessman
1944 Jimmy Hart American wrestling manager
1944 Zafarullah Khan Jamali Pakistani politician
1945 Peter Duncan Australian politician
1945 Jacky Ickx Belgian race car driver
1945 Max Julien American actor
1946 Carl B. Hamilton Swedish economist and politician
1946 Rick Hurst American actor
1946 Rivelino Brazilian football player
1946 Shelby Steele American author and filmmaker
1947 Jon Corzine American politician‚ 54th Governor of New Jersey and former United States Senator from New Jersey
1947 Paula Tsui Hong Kong singer
1947 Frances Yip Hong Kong singer
1947 James K. Glassman American journalist and diplomat
1947 Leonard Thompson American professional golfer
1948 Pavel Grachev Russian general
1948 Ashok Saraf Marathi/Hindi actor
1948 Joe Petagno American artist
1948 Ismael Zambada Garcia Mexican drug lord
1949 Daniel E Gawthrop American composer
1949 Max Azria French fashion designer
1949 Borys Tarasyuk Ukrainian politician
1950 Wayne Bennett Australian rugby league coach
1950 Morgan Fisher English musician (Mott the Hoople)
1950 Deepa Mehta Indian-born Canadian film director and screenwriter
1951 Ashfaq Hussain Urdu poet
1951 Nana Patekar Indian film and stage actor
1951 Hans-Joachim Stuck German race car driver
1952 Stephanie Faracy American actress
1952 Rosario Marchese Italian-Canadian politician
1953 Greg Carmichael British guitarist (Acoustic Alchemy)
1953 Alpha Blondy Ivorian reggae singer
1953 Lynn Jones American baseball player
1953 Gary E. Johnson American politician and 29th Governor of New Mexico
1954 Bob Menendez American politician and United States Senator from New Jersey
1954 Yannis Papathanasiou Greek politician
1954 Richard Edson American actor and musician
1955 LaMarr Hoyt American baseball player
1956 Sergei Avdeyev Russian cosmonaut
1956 Mark R. Hughes American entrepreneur (d. 2000)
1956 Sheila McCarthy Canadian actress
1956 Mike Mitchell American basketball player
1956 Koji Yakusho Japanese actor
1956 Ziad Rahbani Lebanese composer
1957 Ewa Kasprzyk Polish actress
1957 Evangelos Venizelos Greek lawyer and politician
1957 Mark Hurd American businessman
1958 Ren Woods American actress and singer
1958 Grandmaster Flash Barbadian musician
1958 Dave Silk American ice hockey player
1959 Azali Assoumani Comorian president
1959 Panagiotis Giannakis Greek basketball player and coach
1959 Michel Onfray French philosopher
1959 Andy Andrews American tennis player
1959 Abdul Ahad Momand Afghan cosmonaut
1960 Michael Seibert American ice dancer
1960 Rayo de Jalisco Jr.Mexican wrestler
1960 Leilani Kai American wrestler
1961 Sergei Babayan American classical pianist
1961 Sam Backo Australian rugby league footballer
1961 Sam Palahnuk American video game designer
1961 Fiona Phillips British television presenter
1961 Mark Wingett British actor
1962 Ari Up German musician (The Slits) (d. 2010)
1963 Lina Kaciusyte Lithuanian swimmer
1963 Jean-Marc Gounon French race car driver
1963 Alberigo Evani Italian footballer
1963 Drazen Ladic Croatian footballer
1964 Juliana Donald American actress
1964 Dedee Pfeiffer American actress
1965 John Sullivan American politician
1965 Andrew Valmon American athlete
1966 Anna Burke Australian politician
1966 Tina Landon Mexican-American choreographer
1967 John Digweed English DJ
1967 Tim Dog American rapper
1967 Derrick Thomas American football player (d. 2000)
1967 Juanma Bajo Ulloa Spanish film director
1967 Spencer Tunick American artist
1967 Gorsha Sur Russian ice dancer
1968 Miki Higashino Japanese composer
1968 Joey Stefano American actor (d. 1994)
1968 Davor suker Croatian footballer
1968 Felix Chong Hong Kong screenwriter
1969 Morris Chestnut American actor
1969 Nicolle Dickson Australian actress
1969 Paul Lawrie Scottish golfer
1969 Christi Paul American news anchor
1969 Verne Troyer American actor
1969 Melissa DiMarco Canadian actress
1970 Kimberly Page American manager and actress
1970 Fredro Starr American rapper and actor
1971 Juan Carlos Plata Guatemalan soccer player
1971 Sammie Henson American wrestler
1971 Scott Riggs American racing driver
1971 Bobby Holik Czech ice hockey player
1971 Chris Potter American jazz saxophonist
1971 Ezra Weisz American voice actor
1971 Phoebus Greek songwriter
1972 Tego Calderon Puerto Rican rapper
1972 Garrett K. Gomez American horse jockey
1972 Yermakhan Ibraimov Kazakh boxer
1972 Catherine McCormack British actress
1972 Neve McIntosh Scottish actress
1972 Barron Miles American Canadian football player
1972 Lilian Thuram French footballer
1973 Anwar Mansoor Mangrio Sindhi poet
1973 Magnus Sahlgren Swedish musician (Lake of Tears)
1973 Danny Lloyd American actor
1973 Li Fang Chinese tennis player
1973 Shelda Bede Brazilian beach volleyball player
1974 Christian Paradis Canadian politician
1974 Hamilton Ricard Colombian footballer
1974 Eva Birthistle Irish actress
1975 Chris Anstey Australian basketball player
1975 Sonali Bendre Indian model and actress
1975 Joe Cannon American footballer
1975 Eiichiro Oda Japanese manga artist
1975 Fernando Tatis Dominican baseball player
1975 Becky Kellar-Duke Canadian ice hockey player
1975 Bengt S?ternes Norwegian footballer
1977 Hasan Salihamidzic Bosnian footballer
1977 Robert Roode Canadian professional wrestler
1977 Leos Friedl Czech tennis player
1977 Andrei Stoliarov Russian tennis player
1977 Jerry Yan Taiwanese actor and singer
1977 Maria de la Paz Hernandez Argentinian field hockey player
1978 Vidya Balan Indian model and actress
1978 Nina Bott German actress
1978 Phillip Mulryne Northern Irish footballer
1978 Tarik O'Regan British composer
1978 Mykhaylo Renzhyn Latvian skier
1979 Brody Dalle Australian singer (The Distillers)
1979 Koichi Domoto Japanese artist
1979 Fadi El Khatib Lebanese basketball player
1980 Elin Nordegren Swedish model
1981 Jonas Armstrong English actor
1981 Zsolt Baumgartner Hungarian racing driver
1981 Abdlkadir Kocak Turkish boxer
1981 Mladen Petric Croatian footballer
1981 Eden Riegel American actress
1982 David Nalbandian Argentinian tennis player
1983 Ali Bastian English actress and model
1983 Calum Davenport English footballer
1983 Emi Kobayashi Japanese model
1983 Park Sung-Hyun South Korean Olympic archer
1984 Jose Paolo Guerrero Peruvian footballer
1984 Alok Kapali Bangladeshi cricketer
1984 Stefano Pastrello Italian footballer
1984 Mohammed Ghaddar Lebanese footballer
1984 Michael Witt Australian rugby league footballer
1984 Cheung Kin Fung Hong Kong footballer
1985 Jeff Carter Canadian ice hockey player
1985 Steven Davis Northern Irish footballer
1985 Tiago Splitter Brazilian basketball player
1985 Andrea Jeremiah Indian-Tamil singer and actress
1985 Remya Nambeesan Indian film actress and dancer
1986 Glen Davis American basketball player
1986 James Davis American football player
1986 Colin Morgan Northern Irish actor
1986 Sungmin South Korean singer (Super Junior)
1986 Pablo Cuevas Uruguayan tennis player
1987 Gilbert Brule Canadian ice hockey player
1987 Chris Collins American actor and comedian
1987 Devin Setoguchi Canadian ice hockey player
1988 Grzegorz Panfil Polish tennis player
1992 Jack Wilshere English footballer
1992 He Kexin Chinese gymnast
1998 Marlene Lawston American child actress