James Jesse Strang Birthday (September 5th)

James Jesse Strang Birthday (September 5th)

James Jesse Strang was the man who owes his place in the history for the works done in the field in saint movement during the 1844 succession crisis.H served as the crowned king of the ecclesiastical monarchy that existed for six years within the Michigan state of United States. Strang was born on 21st march in Scipio, Cayuga County, New York. He has three siblings among which he was the second child of his parents. His parents were the reputed people in their community.

Once time in his life he proclaimed himself as a cool philosopher. However he became the Baptist minister but he left the post just because to join the church of the latter days saints’ strang married two times.

In the year 1836 he married to a girl of eighteen year of age named Mary Perce. After the few years of marriage he took divorce from his first wife in the year 1851. he later on married to another girl of nineteen year of age named Elvira Eliza filed. Later on Strang tied the wedlock for the third time. This time his wife was a mature lady of thirty year of age named Betsy Macnutt whom he married in the year 1852 and his fourth wife was Sarah Adelia Wright whom she married in the year 1855.

Being a active contributor to the saint movement he also published many books. he claimed to have translated plates of laban as described in the book of Mormon.He was assassinated by a gunman who was shot one bullet in his head and the other two in his cheek and spine.

James Jesse strang knew that the Bedford and the other people were looking for him to gun him down but he do not took them seriously, which led him to death. However one of the Michigan writer termed the day of the assassination of the Jesse strang as the most disgraceful day in the history if Michigan. After a long time of his death the his disciples divided it into two separate disciples one is led by the presiding high priests who do not claim to have any authority over Strang. And the other claim to have the sole remnant over the Strang’s church.