Jacques Chirac Biography

Jacques Chirac Biography

Born: November 29, 1932 , Paris, France
Spouse: Bernadette Chirac (m. 1956)
Presidential term: May 17, 1995 – May 16, 2007
Children: Claude Chirac, Laurence Chirac
Previous offices: President of France (1995–2007), More
Movies: Christo in Paris, Islands

Birth Details

Born on 29 November 1932 in Paris, Jacques Chirac was a successful Politician, served as President of France, Prime Minister of France and -Mayor of Paris.

Personal Biography

Jacques Chirac the only child of Abel Francois Chirac, an executive at an aircraft company, his mother Marie-Louise Valette was a homemaker. Born into a family of peasants, Chirac was educated at Lycée Carnot and the Lycée Louis-le-Grand in Paris. Chirac married Bernadette on March 16, 1956. They had two daughters’ named Laurence and Claude.

Graduated in 1953, from Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Chirac received education at the Ecole Nationale d'Administration. He was awarded a scholarship at  the Harvard Business School (USA) at the tender age of 20.Chirac was a part of the French Communist Party, initiated sale of  copies of L'Humanité, and took active part of the communist cell. He faced visa problems at the U.S consulate for signing the Soviet-inspired Stockholm Appeal supporting the abolition of nuclear weapons.


Jacques Chirac was an influential politician who was inspirited by Charles DeGaulle. Chirac made his debut into French national politics in 1950s, served as Mayor of Paris. Elected President in 1995, Chirac held the post till 2007. His tenure as the Prime Minister was from 1974 to 1976 and from 1986 to 1988.

In his political career, Chirac was secretary of state for social affairs in charge of employment, economy and finance, minister delegate to the premier for relations with Parliament, agricultural minister, rural development minister. His gained popularity after he strongly opposed George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq, in 2003.

Jacques Chirac concentrated on growth and modernization along with formation of policies for the Gaullist government. In 1962, Chirac made his entry into politics as a personal staff in the government.

As an economic adviser, Chirac earned Gaullist’s advice. Owing to the fast economic growth of France Chirac was elected municipal council to his home town, Sainte-Fereol,in 1965. Chirac had an impressive tenure at the National Assembly from 1967 to 1995.


The 1974 election saw Jacques Chirac extend support to the opposition Valery Giscard d'Estaing, instead of the Gaullist candidate Chaban Delmas. Chirac was chosen Prime Minister, despite his shift in loyalty. Chirac's years had to weather many storms during his political career. He had contrasting on the state’s role in comparison to President Giscard. Conflict between Prime Minister Chirac's and President Giscard's had its effect on their countries progress. Chirac gave his resignation as Prime Minister; in 1976 as Giscard’s was not extending his support. Chirac has the rare distinction of serving as Second-longest serving President of France.


“One can go to war alone, but you can't build peac alone.”
― Jacques Chirac

“You cannot trust people who have such bad cuisine. It is the country with the worst food after Finland.”
― Jacques Chirac

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