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The full form of J2EE is Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition – this is a programming language which was introduced by Sun Microsystems.  Its main function is to facilitate communication across different platforms – between all kinds of devices.  Java is used to run programs on cell phones, routers and computers as long they have the capability of running it.  It is a scalable program and helps companies design solutions, build web applications and so on.  It is the leading program used for mobile applications.


J2EE training courses are usually intensive and cover procedural learning using real time examples and live exercises.  One can expect to learn Object Oriented Programming, write programs using database interfaces, use routines available in the J2EE library and also how to check errors and exceptions.  This course is designed to give people a jump start in the field – knowledge of C++ and concepts like encapsulation, inheritance etc. (object oriented program concepts) are a big plus.

J2EE Course Details:

J2EE training courses can vary from 40-60 hours.  Applicants have to know Java Fundamentals before they can sign up.  This is a great course for those who are already working in the field and want to upgrade their skills.  The modules taught are as follows:

  • Overview of J2EE Technology
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Introduction to JAVA Script
  • Servlet APIs
  • Servlet APIs 2
  • Learning additional capabilities of Servlets
  • Java Server Pages
  • Additional Server Page Capabilities
  • Java Database Connectivity

Picking the right Online J2EE Training Center:

There are many companies offering this course - the criteria to look at are prices, course schedule and how frequently they are taught.  Ex-students are a great source of information about how useful the course was and instruction as well.

Price Details:

The baseline fee for the course starts at $1500.

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