Internships in USA for International Students

Many avenues are open in the form of internships in USA for international students, who would like to build experience points in their resume even while they are pursuing their educational degree.

Key Facts about Internships in USA for International Students

Few key facts to be aware of in the pursuit of internship opportunities are as follows:

  • Internships are not exclusively for international students. Hence, they need to compete in the general pool along with the native students. In fact, international students have the additional burden of proving why they are better than their American counterparts are.
  • Even an unpaid internship is a good opportunity for an international student to get US work experience.
  • While an unpaid internship does not require a work permit, a paid one demands the student to have appropriate work authorization.
  • Paid internships involve very little pay.
  • Internships in USA for international students require the candidates to be fluent in English (spoken and written).
  • International students are allowed to pursue only those internship opportunities that are relevant to their course of study.
  • Previous experience, relevant course of study and good grades are few of the things that help students stand apart in the crowd.

Tips to Land Internships in USA for International Students

Searching for internships is much like searching for jobs.

  • The Internet would be the best resource in this regard. Many job portals and newsletters have dedicated internships listings.
  • If the student favors selected companies, then he or she can visit the online career section of the company for details.
  • One can even contact the HR department of the company directly asking for internship openings.
  • Many companies post the internship openings in the internal portals encouraging the employees to refer interns. This requires the student to have good networks with friends, alumni and professors.
  • It helps to look for companies that hire or sponsor international candidates.
  • Many campus and third party organizations also help with landing internships.

 Benefits of Internships in USA for International Students

Many universities encourage students, especially graduate students to take up internships and offer credits for that effort. Internships are opportunities for students to land regular jobs in the US. If the company is pleased with the students’ performance, they might offer them employment and visa sponsorship after graduation. Even as a short-term work experience, US internships add great value to a student’s resume. They make student a viable candidate for lucrative jobs in the US or abroad. Through internships, the student can learn the US work environment, culture, and the like.

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