International Whale Shark Day 2017

Swim With Whale Sharks on International Whale Shark Day

Origin of the day

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WHALE SHARK DAY! In 2008, whale shark specialists that arrived collectively in Isla Holbox for the worldwide whale shark meeting made the decision that August 30th ought to be one day to rejoice these types of majestic animals. Equally well when dealing with these animals since they’re attaining popularity with the common people. In spite of this, it needs to not be ignored that in spite of the improving attention provided to the whale sharks, they are really even now vulnerable from numerous adverse human effects while staying to be badly studied pets. There’s even now a very long way to choose the security of those leaders along with many of their elasmobranches cousins. Although there are lots of experts and also organizations committed to shielding the whale sharks , eventually it requires everyone among us to come together to accomplish this goal. Let’s always help preservation efforts as well as raise consciousness regarding the greatest fish on earth! Happy whale shark day everybody!

Importance of the day

Started off in 2012, International Whale Shark Day celebrates these types of gentle leaders. Being raised to 14 meters lengthy and 12 tons weighty, whale sharks have got a skin only a mom can love: simply no whale shark will certainly actually win a elegance contest, therefore it’s correct they’re created to feel specific 1 day 12 months. In spite of this, there’s a significant objective to the day, which goals to increase consciousness of how this creature has become hunted to susceptibility for its seriously valued fins and meat.

How to celebrate the day

This is exactly a good example of world-class eco-tourism; since tourists arrive particularly to check out these lovely creatures in a secure and ecological way which in turn tourism has played a part in the nearby economy as well as helped the young families of fishermen in Holbox, Isla Mujeres and also Chiquila, both equally socially and also economically along with assisting protect together with preserve the breeds. In accordance with Dr. Robert Hueter, supervisor of the Center for Shark Research, Mote Marine Laboratory as well as the official spokesperson for the 2011 version of the festival, regarding 1,400 whale sharks appear each one summer time to the far northern waters of Isla Mujeres.

In 2008 , an assortment of over 40 whale shark professionals at the International Whale Shark Meeting in Isla Holbox chosen that August 30th ought to be committed to remembering whale sharks , teaching people regarding them together with marketing their preservation. So started International Whale Shark Day.


Swimming with whale sharks is a life-changing adventure; nevertheless it needs to be done sensibly. Mexico’s whale shark tourism business is growing considerably within the last several years, improving from just a couple hundred visitors yearly to over 12,000 each year. This adds massive stress on the whale shark community. WWF Travel Program has written a beautiful article on liable whale shark tourism. Look it over to discover ways to swim with whale sharks sensibly.

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