International Tatting Day 2017


Celebrated on April 1 every year, this is a holiday for tat lovers. It has been celebrated for many years now. People from the tatting community love the art and like to commemorate, promote and mobilize more action towards popularizing this art. Tatting is an art form that involves making a durable lace using thick threads. This art is said to have developed from rope work done by fishermen to make fishnets. In the process, they developed new patterns to make motifs for their girlfriends. The art is essentially a needle work that uses knots and stitches. Tatting originated in the early 19th century and has been used to make laces and collars by many designers worldwide.

On this day, tatting enthusiasts gather and exchange ideas on their latest tatting designs. They hold competitions in tatting and have an evening of fun. Workshops are held for introducing the art to youngsters and children. Even elders who would like to pursue this hobby can look up for workshops and meetings held on this day. The art is quite relaxing and has many takers. There ae two famous groups - TatChat and eTatters dedicated to the popularization of tatting. They organize tatting parties and celebrate eating chocolates and sipping tea.

Best Quote about Tatting

“The German word for tatting is Schiffchenarbeit meaning 'the work of the little boat”
- Rebecca Jones


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