International Surfing Day 2017

International Surfing Day is the global celebration of surfing that closely follows the spirit and objective of the World Surf Day. This day was established by the Usenet newsgroup alt. surfing in 1993 to help everyone discover surfing and find out the difference it can make to you and your community as both a sport and a culture. International Surfing Day is a sports-centered holiday held annually on June 21st or on 20th June on leap years. This year the environmental conscious surfing day falls on 21st June 2016.


  • The main idea behind International Surfing Day especially for surfers and surf enthusiasts from all over the globe is to create an opportunity to come together in celebration of the great sport of surfing. 
  • This day marks the sport of surfing, its lifestyle and the sustainability of ocean resources.
  • Surfers across the globe organize beach clean-ups, dune and other habitat restoration and other activities like lobbying to maintain the recreation areas and to promote the popularity of surfing and to attract new participants.

How to celebrate International Surfing Day:

This day has been a great day for all the ages of people to go to free events and learn more about surfing. Throughout the day there will be a list of events that include surf contests, barbecues, film screenings and other surf-related activities held in hundred of counties. To keep everyone happy, contests and prizes such as surfboards and wetsuits are rewarded for all the hard work. 

It’s time to get involved. Grab your boards and start riding those waves!

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