International Stammering Awareness Day 2015

ISAD is celebrated on 22 October every year. The day is designated to raise awareness to millions of people around the world who have the speech disorder of stammering, also known as stuttering. The International Stammering awareness day began in 1998 as an alliance between speech-language professionals and their clients.

International Stammering Awareness Day (ISAD) is organized by three organizations:-

  1. International Fluency Association
  2. International Stuttering Association
  3. European League of Stuttering Associations

ISAD include various activities through online conference, held each year since 1998, from 1 to 22 October, targeted at people with an interest in stammering as well as speech-language pathologists and their customers. Stammering associations, individuals and organizations around the world organize public awareness events, educational activities, media campaigns and online resources to mark the day. The colour of the day is sea green. People who stammer are encouraged to adorn themselves with the sea green colour.


International Stammering Awareness Day is designated to create awareness about the effects that stammering or stuttering has on the lives of affected people.

ISAD brings together individuals, organizations and stammering associations to properly educate the public about Stammering. It is a communication disorder that interrupts the flow of speech and can lead to the feelings of anxiety and frustration thus affects their confidence. It is important that the public understand the condition as definitely as those who stammer understand it. Stammering Awareness Day aims to eradicate stammering or stuttering stereotypes and false impressions of cures for this speech hindrance. There is no miracle but therapy can be unbelievable helpful.

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