International Panic Day 2017

All year round we work hard at maintaining our composure particularly in the face of any unexpected happenings. Murphy’s Laws do drive us around the bend, but we grit our teeth, put on our ‘cool’ face and try to make the best of things. That is until the 18th of June, an annual holiday that is perfect to get off steam. In case you are still wondering about the importance of the day, then 18th June is International Panic Day. This day is a celebration that just lets us panic when matters get out of hand.

Wondering How to Celebrate the Day?

Just panic, let out steam, turn your face red or scream yourself hoarse- all interesting methods of how to celebrate the day. In short, throw caution to the winds and panic. Scientific studies have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that bottling up frustration and anger are bad for health. Those of us who enjoy being calm and composed when the world is coming apart need to beware. Like Murphy says” all that can go wrong will” and panic is a natural reaction in such a situation.

Importance of the Day When we Panic and De-Stress

We have a long list of daily activities, right from the time we wake up till we hit the bed. The chances of having a perfect day with everything happening just as it was planned out is next to impossible. In the normal cause of events, we try to work out the best solutions and move on. After all, we have been taught that panic will get us nowhere. However, the importance of the day is that we can and should hit the panic button when matters go off course. International Panic Day is a day full of activities that allow us to panic or just sit back and relax as matter get out of hand.

The Origin of the Day that Helps us De-Stress

The origin of the day and details of its creator are both unknown. However, this national holiday is gaining importance with lots of interesting ideas of how to celebrate the day. There are many who feel that the best way of celebrating International Panic Day is to take a step back and enjoy a break from daily stress. Others feel that one needs to give into stress and enjoy activities that show our panic and frustration when matters get out of hand.  Either way works just fine since both sets of activities stress the importance of the day by providing a break from daily stress.

Activities that Help Refresh and Rejuvenate

Of great significance in the present day, primarily because it lets you express all your anxieties, fears and troubles without feeling overwhelmed, this holiday helps get matters off your chest before you just sit back and relax. Activities to relax include spending time with a close friend, reading a book, watching a movie, going on a mini picnic or even just hanging out at the local spa. So just put your feet up and relax so that you can come back all refreshed to meet the challenges ahead.

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