International Osteoporosis Day 2015

20th October is marked as International Osteoporosis Day and it is the beginning of the year that is dedicated to bone health awareness and where the individuals are being prompted to look into their personal risks for osteoporosis. They are also urged to take steps and appropriate actions to reduce their risks.

International Osteoporosis Foundation has officially launched 20th October as International Osteoporosis Day and its members around the world has united together to start the campaign Beat the Break Now and reduce your osteoporosis risks. Millions of concerned citizens advocate health care policies about osteoporosis. Together they can engage a wide variety of awareness required for Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a kind of disease which reduces the density and quality of the bone that leads of weakness of the skeleton and in turn it increases the risk of fracture occurrence particularly in spine, hip and wrist. It is considered to be global public health problem and its affects are found in one out of three women and one out of five men. With the increase in population the significance of growing this problem is at a very high percentage. Osteoporosis is often referred as silent epidemic as it hardly shows any symptoms of bone loss or anything else. The only sign is a fracture and thus people do not come to know what exactly they are dealing with till concerned with a doctor.

International Osteoporosis Day:  International Osteoporosis Day provides all important and vital information and education for general public and also lays out the policy that concern the prevention of this disease. It also educates the public who have still a very poor knowledge and have a less awareness about the Osteoporosis. With increase in the number of participants and events and activities the impact of International Osteoporosis Day has grown significantly and with this the awareness in regards of Osteoporosis has also increased.

Messages that are spread on International Osteoporosis Day are:

  1. Young people should educate themselves for the essential nutrition required to build up peak bone and reduce the risk of fracture.
  2. People should do adequate exercise for good health
  3. Lifestyles like smoking, excessive drinking, low body weight and lack of exercise are not only harmful but also increase the potential of having osteoporosis
  4. Learn about your body and know whether you have passive risk factors or not and if yes take appropriate actions accordingly
  5. Go for the one minute risk test that International Osteoporosis Foundation propagates.
  6. Women should know the fact that post menopause the risk of osteoporosis has increases and thus they should take extra care for their bones and health
  7. Men should be aware of the fact that they too can become the patient of Osteoporosis thus they too should give special consideration to their health rather than keeping it as an ignorant factor.
  8. People who have experienced in the past are at higher risk for osteoporosis and thus they need especially good care and vigilant and also they need to take proper and appropriate actions before they get into huge trouble.

International Osteoporosis Day has given a special section to the risk factors of osteoporosis and has always issued the awareness and prevention methods in general for your health. It would be advisable for all to take the measures suggested by them to be in good health. 

World Osteoporosis Day Themes

1999 Early Detection
2000 Building Bone Health
2001 Bone Development in Youth
2002 Osteoporosis in the Workplace
2003 Quality of Life
2004 Osteoporosis in Men
2006 Nutrition
2007 Risk Factors
2008 Advocate for Policy Change
2009 Advocate for Policy Change
2010 Signs and Symptoms of Spinal Fractures
2011 3 Steps to Unbreakable Bones: Vitamin D, Calcium and Exercise
2012 Stop at One: Make Your First Break Your Last
2013 Postmenopausal Women & Their Bone Health

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