International Nurses Day 2017

International Nurses Day 2017

The theme of 2017 is “Nursing: A voice to lead – Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”.

Nurses globally are occupied in pioneering performances on an every day basis ensuing in important developments in the physical conditions of patients, populations and health systems. Their aids have been a basic foundation of development for health care organizations around the globe. They toil in all kind of locations and in the service of an extensive district of patients, families, neighbourhoods and health care workers.

Fresh answers by nurses also stand for a very important constituent in hard works to deal with present global health confrontations such as the augmentation in non-communicable diseases, more composite infectious and rising illness aging populations, insufficient resources and labour force scarcity. Thus every year, on the 12th of May, nurses observe nursing day and elevate the profile of their vocation in a diversity of customs and proceedings. Few can say they are unaffected by the hard work and devotion of nurses in the UK and all through the world and International Nurses Day is an occasion to discover about the vocation of nurses and their workplaces. A lot of hospitals, day centers, wards, etc calls for open days, coffee mornings, finance raising actions and utilize the day for health care promotions and to raise the sketch of the vocation. It is also a day for nurses globally to commemorate their line of work and join to take delight in their jobs and demonstrate the humanity the importance of their vocation.  National Nurses' Week is celebrated May 6-12 each year.

History and Facts

Even though a National Nurses' Day was first planned in 1953, it was not, until 1974 that the things actually worked out, when the International Council of Nurses stated publicly May 12 as International Nurse Day.

After that in 1982 President Ronald Reagan signed a public statement that recognized a countrywide day of adherence for nurses on May 6, however this was later on extended to a weeklong commemoration to take in May 12. In 1997 the American Nurses Association elected May 8 as National Student Nurses' Day.

In 1999 nurses and public sector workers union UNISON called for a operation to alter the date and get rid of the past significance of Florence Nightingale from Nurses Week for the reason that they believed that she no longer mirrors present day nursing because of her class and communal milieu. They considered that she was not in observance with the multi cultural character of present nursing. Unison recommended the day be observed on 21 May which was the birthday of Elizabeth Fry. She was a 19th century reformer who established the Institution of Nursing Sisters quite a few years before Florence Nightingale set up her own nursing team. She went on to perk up the life of the psychologically ill and made many improvements in hospitals. international nurses day badge

However the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) differed with this movement and were backed by a lot of more nurses who believed that Florence Nightingale was a significant creator of contemporary nursing and must truly be kept in mind and celebrated on International Nurses Day. 

Why International Nurses Day is Important

The reason that Nurses Day is observed on the 12th May every year is for the reason that this is the birth date of Florence Nightingale. She made many improvements to nursing and health care and radically cut the death rate amid soldiers in the Crimean War as a consequence of her hard work, devotion and tuition of fellow nurses. The International Council For Nurses (ICN) in America commenced the happenings in 1965, although it was not formally known by the US Government until 1974. 

Nurses Week

Nurses Week is one of the main health care events, identifying the aids and promises nurses make and educating the public about the major job they carry out. The happenings marks the conclusion of Nurses Week which in general starts on the 6th of May and permit big hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, etc to map out in a lot of profile raising events. In addition it also offers a chance to observe other verticals of nursing.


Activities for the duration of Nurses Week in general comprise banquets and credit dinners, state and city public statements, progressing education seminars, and other communal events.  Nurses are usually privileged with gifts, dinners, and flowers by associates and family members, co workers for example doctors and administrators, and patients who are willing to demonstrate their admiration.

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