International Museum Day 2017

International Museum Day 2017 theme is Museums and contested histories: Saying the unspeakable in museums, 2016 theme is " “Museums and Cultural Landscapes”.", 2015 theme is " Museums for a sustainable society ", 2014 theme is "Museum collections make connections"

International Museum Day (IMD) is celebrated on 18 May, every year. This day is established by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) in 1977 to create awareness of the role of museums in developing the society.

The International Council of Museum (ICOM) organizes and coordinates the event, which highlights a specific theme that changes every year. All museums around the world are invited to participate in the International Museum Day to promote the role of museums in the world, creating different, enjoyable activities around a theme discussed by the International Council of Museum (ICOM) community for this special day.

The theme of International Museum Day 2012: Museums in a changing world with new challenges, and new inspirations. This event was hosted by 32,000 museums in more than 129 countries. it’s a record breaking participation.

The theme of International Museum Day 2013: Museums (memory + creativity = social change). Worldwide community of museums will celebrate on 18 May, 2013.

The International Museum Day provides opportunity to museum professionals to interact with the public and alert them about the challenges that museums are facing. According to the definition provided by ICOM, a museum is a non-profit institution for the service and development of society that acquires, researches, communicates, conserves, and exhibits the intangible and tangible heritage of man- kind and its surrounding for the purposes of education, knowledge and enjoyment. This day therefore serves as a platform to raise public awareness on the role of museums and to educate them to protect their cultural heritage.

International Museum Day Themes

2013 theme is "Museums (memory + creativity = social change)"

2012 theme is "Museums in a changing world. New challenges, new inspirations"

2011 theme is "Museum and memory"

2010 theme is "Museums for social harmony"

2009 theme is "Museums and tourism"

2008 theme is "Museums as agents of social change and development"

2007 theme is "Museums and universal heritage"

2006 theme is "Museums and young people"

2005 theme is "Museums bridging cultures"

2004 theme is "Museums and intangible heritage (Intangible cultural heritage)"

2003 theme is "Museums and friends"

2002 theme is "Museums and globalisation"

2001 theme is "Museums: building community"

2000 theme is "Museums for peace and harmony in society"

1999 theme is "Pleasures of discovery"

1998-1997 theme is "The fight against illicit traffic of cultural property"

1996 theme is "Collecting today for tomorrow"

1995 theme is "Response and responsibility"

1994 theme is "Behind the scenes in museums"

1993 theme is "Museums and indigenous peoples"

1992 theme is "Museums and environment"

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