International Marconi Day 2017

International Marconi Day commemorates the great work of Guglielmo Marconi in the invention of radio. It is a 24 hour amateur radio event that is held every year to celebrate the birth anniversary of renowned inventor Guglielmo Marconi on 25th April 1874.

International Marconi Day is organized by the Cornish Radio Amateur Club G4CRC/GX4CRC /GB4IMD. More than 50 stations around the world being set up at various historic sites with links to the inventors work participate in the event. Participating stations are from England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, France, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Canada, Australia and USA.

The event is normally held on the Saturday nearest to Marconi’s birthday, when amateur radio stations had been established and operated from original historic Marconi sites. These stations are known as the ‘Award Stations’. These Award stations have to confirm their participation in the event every year.

International Marconi day celebrates its 29th year which will be held on 22nd April 2017. The purpose of International Marconi day is to provide opportunity to amateurs’ radio enthusiasts around the world to make contacts with historic Guglielmo Marconi sites using high frequency communications techniques similar to those used by Guglielmo Marconi and to gain an attractive Award for achieving the required number of Marconi stations worked.

Since then communication techniques have changed significantly but the spirit of International Marconi Day basically remains that of making point-to-point contact between two stations using only the High Frequency bands. The organizing Committee of the event has therefore decided that the application of the Internet to communicate between stations will not count towards the Award.

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