International Mango Festival 2016

This festival is held every year in New Delhi, India since 1987.


Summer and mangoes are an unbeatable combination and many people across India look forward to this seasonal fruit. This succulent fruit completes meals – it is used to make pickles, jams and all kinds of other treats which keep through the rest of the year – for prolonged enjoyment of the King of Fruits.


The Delhi Tourism Corporation and the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Authority jointly host this event. It is held at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium.

International Mango Festival 2016 What to Expect

Over 50 mango growers from around India participate every year and present interesting facts and information about the different varieties and cultivars of this fruit. Most visitors have no idea that there are over 550 varieties of the fruit.

There are quizzes and competitions about the varieties and also the possibilities of cooking with mangoes. This is an information platform to promote the export of mangoes and tourism.

International Mango Festival Famous Varieties of Mangoes

The most well known strains of mangoes are alphonso, amrapli, malda, himsaga to name a few. Mango festivals are held across India and other countries where mangoes grow.

People come to the festival to enjoy the many varieties of mangoes – come and satisfy your taste buds with eating this sumptuous treat. India is the biggest exporter of the fruit – 40,000 metric tonnes every year to 80 countries around the world. It is believed that mangoes symbolize the joy of life.

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