International Firefighters Day 2017

This is one of the more recent holidays in the US, although it has been observed in Europe for centuries. This day was created in the wake of a great wildfire in Australia when five firefighters lost their lives in 1998. On International Firefighters Day, a ribbon containing red and blue colors is worn. The red stands for fire and the blue stands for water which are the two basic elements involved in firefighting.

This ribbon is worn as a mark of respect for firefighters all over the world who have lost their lives while saving the lives of others. International Firefighters Day is observed on the 4th of May each year.

How International Firefighters Day is celebrated

  • This is a big day for firefighting services all over the world. So, several firefighting services host events and spread awareness about fire safety among the general public.

  • On this day, people are seen wearing the characteristic International Firefighters Day ribbons.

  • Some towns and cities have “sound off”. This means that half a minute of silence is observed when a siren is heard.

  • On International Firefighters Day you will find a lot of material on the internet where you can post your comments and learn about the world of firefighters. This will make you appreciate the work of firefighters better.

So take time out on International Firefighters Day to pay your respects to these brave guardians of our society.

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