International Epilepsy Day 2017

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that occurs due to the sudden expulsion of electrical discharges from the brain. The disease is not a mental imbalance or illness. The clear reasons for the cause of epilepsy are not much clear. Many scientists believe that a heavy blow to the skull, high pressure on brain during the birth, any infection in the brain, or brain tumor are the possible reasons for epilepsy. Yet, many patients of epilepsy are not found with any of these reasons.

Epilepsy causes frequent seizures at a strong exposure of the brain. Though the ancient world recognized epilepsy during 4500-1500 BC, the contemporary doctors identified it during 19th century. The sophisticated medication provides the reduction or stoppage of seizures in most of the cases. Rarely the patients are suggested with brain surgery or trigeminal nerve stimulation.

When is international epilepsy day celebrated?

International Epilepsy Day is celebrated annually on 2nd Monday of February.

Origin of the day

The International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) and International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) has initiated the day in the year 2015. The day was launched in the European Parliament, Strasbourg. The website launched by the organizers provides an opportunity to know about epilepsy, epilepsy stories around the world, and about the day. The members of IBE and ILAE are spread around the world and they are divided into seven structures, regional wise as per WHO regional boundaries. Each country is provided with separate website to reach the native people.

Celebrations of the day

The day is aimed to create awareness among the people regarding epilepsy. Conducting seminars, campaigns, rally and competitions are few of the methods of celebrations of the day. Promoting the day in social media, and letting the patients know the stories of other patients are also part of the celebrations. The day provide ample opportunity to the people to support the patients of epilepsy

Importance of the day

Many patients of epilepsy were unaware of the disease. Even 40% of people from the developed countries and 80% people from under-developed or developing countries are not provided with accurate treatment. The new cases of epilepsy are in millions and the Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) rate is rising day by day. The unfortunate thing is that most of these deaths are preventable. Thus the awareness would reduce the SUDEP rate at 40%. Proper treatment or treatment at early stages may bring most of the people out of epilepsy. The awareness may also improve the number of researches. Many great people believe that the day is a revolution that could bring a change.

Activities of the day

The activities of the day not only intended for the patients of epilepsy but for everyone. The awareness is important for all age group of people around the world. It is the major duty of professionals and people of related government departments to take part in the celebrations of the day.

  • Conduct any seminar on epilepsy in the locality
  • Post placards and flexi boards with the information about epilepsy
  • Make the people learn stories of epilepsy people who faced and survived. Many successful stories are posted in the official website. It must be noticed that majority of them are in high ranks.
  • Conduct a campaign in the nearby school
  • Let the people discuss
  • Know the number of people suffering from epilepsy in the locality

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