International Day of Tolerance 2014

  • International Day of Tolerance 2014
    Purpose of celebrating international day of tolerance is to promoting the act of tolerance. IMAGE: pixabay
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International day of tolerance 2014 celebrates on 16th September and theme is "______________________".

Let me first tell you the meaning of ‘Tolerance’ before discussing this day and its celebrations. This is basically influenced by communication, knowledge, openness or conscience or belief of individuals. Today the world is highly intolerant, but still there are abundant examples of tolerance and respect for others from different part of the world. Today most of the issues, war and conflict are arises because people are intolerant of the ways that other see the world. There are always certain reasons behind intolerance; these reasons may be fear or ignorance. The simple way to remove intolerance and make tolerance is education. This is the best way when one can teach the other about the respect for others or rights of freedom and other issues related to tolerance.

International Day of Tolerance is celebrated on 16th November of every year. The purpose behind celebrating this day is to promoting the act of tolerance. International day Of Tolerance was started by UNESCO in 1996 to general public awareness of the dangers of intolerance. This event is one of the most popular events and hence celebrated in all over the world. Many events and ceremonies are arranged by United Nation for people focus on this issue. International Day of Tolerance is basically celebrated for four basic principles which the committee will promote among people. These principles are Commitment of heads of State and Government to advance welfare, next principle is for freedom and progress everywhere, following by principle of encouraging tolerance, respect and dialogue and the last principle is to make proper coordination between different cultures, civilizations and people to stop inequality.

This year of tolerance is also considered as the time when one there is launching and testing of new and old ideas and generating public awareness on that. International day of tolerance is considered as a day of opportunity to verify what all progress has been made throughout the year, and also all new ways are suggested to achieve more progress or improvement on this. On this particular day, UNESCO has mention few guidelines, these guidelines includes the work and actions on Human Rights, Diversity in community, religious tolerance, no to violence, creativity at work and ecological diversity. After the above discussion about this day, I want to discuss about the World Summit which was organized in 2005 for promoting this day and making it popular all over the world, so that people can respect the belief and practices of others. This day is not celebrated as a holiday.

On this occasion, there are special arrangements made in school and the helps are provided to the school students in their studies, classroom lectures, understanding the issues related to tolerance and on topics like human rights and non violence. Apart from the above activities there are few other activities are arranged on this day, these activities includes essay competitions, dialogues and people personal stories on account of intolerance and what are its affects on them. After discussing the activities in school lets move on to work place or offices. Special training programs, talks and conferences are organized on this day in offices where the supervisor briefed the employees about importance and need of tolerance.

Human Right activist also plays a very vital day on this day as they speak out on Human rights law like banning, controlling and punishing hate crimes and discriminations against minorities and for the helpless people. Also in all these events whether in school or in workplaces ‘Tolerance pledge’ is taken by the participants. In the end, I just want to tell that I had tried to discuss the mean of Tolerance and its purpose and why this is needed in today world. Then what all kind of events or celebrations is organized on this day in schools or work areas or what role does the human rights activist play here. Hope the above discussion is satisfactory for you, and you will also try to promote the act of tolerance.

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