International Day of No Prostitution

First observed on 5th October 2002, International Day of No Prostitution is a positive step towards ending flesh-trade. This day aims at generating awareness about prostitution, its causes, the negative impact on society and ways to prevent it. Prostitution has the dubious honor of being known as the oldest profession in the world. On this day activist groups all over the world participate in various activities that generate awareness about prostitution, its causes and the means to prevent more persons from entering this profession.

Increasing Awareness about the Importance of the day

The most important aspect of International Day of No Prostitution is that buying and selling of man or beast is strictly prohibited on this day. The importance of the day is significantly increased due to the increasing cases of sexual assault on women and children. As the world struggles to restore the dignity of the survivors, brutal acts of violence against children (both boys and girls), women, men and even animals are on the rise. A primary cause for the increase of such brutally violent acts is the increase in pornographic activities.

Tracing the Origin of the Day

Various activities that encourage prostitution include mail order bride services, strip clubs, phone sex, easy availability of pornographic material including photographs and videos online. Beastiality, pedophile, rape and prostitution are various facets of a core problem plaguing society, the lack of respect for the oppressed sections of society. Activist groups discuss plans on how to celebrate the day dedicated to no prostitution. The origin of the day can be traced to the need felt by society to address the growing rate of prostitution in society.

Discussions on How to Celebrate the Day

International Day of No Prostitution is the first step in the stand against violence and brutality prevalent in society. Activist groups plan activities that help sex workers to integrate themselves into mainstream society. These sex workers are taught various skills that help them earn a steady income without having tore sort to flesh trade. The list of persons who are part of the sex trade and ready to exploit sex workers include pimps, escort agencies, massage parlors, hotels and even many persons in the upper rungs of society. These persons do not shy away from using sex workers for personal gain.

Interesting Activities planned for the day

The importance of the day is the call to end prostitution and restore basic humanitarian values of dignity and equality. The harm inflicted on sex workers and their families is significant as they are sidelined and looked down upon by the very society that creates them. Some of the activities on this day include do not trade (buy or sell) in sex, create alternate means of livelihood for those involves in prostitution, educate sex workers about the ill effects, particularly the medical aspects of sex-trade and help the children of sex workers to become a part of society so that they are not forced into following in the footsteps of their parent.

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