International Day of Happiness 2017

On 20th march of every year, International Day of Happiness is celebrated across the world. By designating international happiness day, UN aims on global happiness and world development.


United Nations General assembly as ascertain the International day of Happiness on June 28th 2012. In the US Declaration of Independence, happiness was identified as the “inalienable right”.

Being happy should be the primary goal of a person. This day reminds us, Happiness is our fundamental right. To enhance the well being of people, public policies are approached. On this day Spiritual well being of people is given much importance than the material well being. Life is yours live to its fullest. The prime focus of UN is economic development which helps in eradicating the poverty. Social and economic well being is also equally important for global happiness.

How to celebrate the Day

Happiness is the essential factor for human well-being and health. Share the International Happiness Day with your buddies by sharing photos of what really makes them happy or give an advice on how to be happy on Face book or even tweeting on Twitter. In today’s world we spend maximum time with gadgets- mobiles, desktop, laptop, ipad etc. we are surrounded by people but we are not connected with them. Effects of these are devastating. Take out time for you best ones on this day and make the day best. Life is so simple. But it’s we who make it complex by running after it, which never gives us happiness. Stop chasing luxuries and glamour blindly instead be happy in what you hold, live best of it.

Activities which can be shared on International day of Happiness

  • Showing Kindness towards others
  • Practicing gratitude and giving back to the community
  • Making everyone happy around
  • Share your personal experiences on how to be happy
  • Making a habit to smile, it keeps you healthier and happier ever
  • Share your opinion, views, a picture, a video or something else on international day of happiness (via instagram, face book, twitter, pinterest etc)
  • Taking part in the activities of international day of happiness will connect you with friends, family and colleagues.
  • Last but not least do what makes you happy, sing, dance, play games etc

What is the Purpose of an International day of Happiness?

  • Reduces stress, enhances emotional intelligence, increase focus and decreases anxiety.
  • Helps one to inculcate the positive attitude towards life
  • To overcome affliction
  • Makes closer to your loved ones
  • Count blessing and be grateful
  • Make people realize being happy make you sleep well, don’t need to strive for sleep, it works!
  • Being happy will reduces stress and prevents heart disease.
  • This day teaches us to take out time from our busy and hectic schedules for our loved ones.
  • Make habit of being and making other happy as it could make you happier
  • Happiest person feel motivated and productive at job
  • One feels more energized. Happinessincreases confidence in leading life

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