International Day for Biological Diversity 2017

International day for biological diversity 2017 theme is "Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism" , 2016 theme is "Mainstreaming Biodiversity; Sustaining People and their Livelihoods", 2015 theme is " Biodiversity for Sustainable Development ", 2014 theme is "Island Biodiversity"

On May 22, 1992, the wording of the Convention on Biological Diversity was taken on by the United Nations at a meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. Since 2001, the International Day for Biological Diversity is eminent every year on the birthday of this date.


In 1992 state and administration leaders decided on a policy for sustainable growth at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, also recognized as "The Earth Summit", in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sustainable progress is a means to meet the wants of public all over the world and making sure that planet earth remains vigorous and feasible for upcoming generations. One of the most significant conformity attained at some stage in the Earth Summit was the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The Convention on Biological Diversity came into light on December 29, 1993, and each anniversary of this date was chosen for the International Day for Biological Diversity. From 2001 onwards the day of this festivity was moved to May 22 due to the number of holidays that fell in late December. On this date in 1992, the text of the Convention on Biological Diversity was adopted at a United Nations at a conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

Each year, the International Day for Biodiversity centers on a separate subject. Of late, the subjects have been:

  • Biodiversity and Poverty Alleviation (2003);
  • Biodiversity: Food, Water and Health for All (2004);
  • Biodiversity: Life Insurance for our Changing World (2005);
  • Protect Biodiversity in Drylands (2006);
  • Biodiversity and Climate Change (2007); and Biodiversity and Agriculture (2008).

Events and Activities

An extensive variety of proceedings are prepared worldwide to augment the knowledge of the significant role of biodiversity in the future. Revelries are prearranged by: the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, which is actually a division of the United Nations Environmental Programme; a lot of state governments; and an array of non-governmental associations.

Understanding the significance of biodiversity in the every day life, the entire implementation of the neighbourhood, district and country and the benefits for the whole world is a key part of commemorating biodiversity. There are lots of ways that one can study more regarding the significance of biodiversity:

One can check out neighbouring biodiversity activities online. A lot of local groups contribute in the IBD celebrations each year, from local commune groups and municipalities to schools, companies and governments.

One can manage his own social IBD festivities. If he is keen about organizing an activity to commemorate IBD in the local community, there is much stuff that he can do to emphasize biodiversity preservation matters including:

  • Tree photo competition - Have associates of the society submit photographs of their beloved neighbourhood tree or stand of trees, together with a little description of why this tree is dear to them. If one wishes to constrict the considerations of the contest and to emphasize the significance of biodiversity, he may ask competitors to pick only local trees, or trees that offer ecosystem benefits, for example food, animal shelter or shade.
  • Hold a festivity of the work being completed by neighbourhood farmers to preserve biodiversity. Prepare for an episode for local farmers to approach and talk to the society about their biodiversity preservation labours from preserving heirloom crops to keeping stands of native bush and trees to assist inhabitant animals and plants flourish amidst the agriculture. Offer awards to the farmers from neighbourhood members to express thank to them for their time and efforts in preserve biodiversity.
  • Hold a quiz night to increase money for neighbourhood biodiversity re-establishment schemes. Decide a region of the neighbourhood surroundings that calls for a reinstatement, for example a stand of local trees, a river region, a lake, an area that is a habitat to a atypical species and aim at it for reinstatement and preservation. Promote the quiz night extensively in the neighbourhood and let individuals be acquainted with the motive at the back of it. Sell tickets of the occasion to raise funds and request for contributions of environmentally thoughtful prizes. Create biodiversity connected questions for the quiz night, for example questions about neighbourhood wildlife, trees, plants, ecosystems etc. Dish up food sourced in the neighbourhood for food and drink or request people to bring a plate of home cooked foodstuff.
  • Hold a tree planting event. Ask the local government or legislative senate to be present at and to help source local trees for the occasion.


The International Day for Biological Diversity is a division of a sequence of activities to spotlight the attention on the Convention on Biological Diversity. The representation of this convention is a stylized picture of a twig or stem with three green leaves. Depending on the backdrop, the leaves possibly are just outlines or green blocks. Every year a portion of artwork is commissioned to mirror the theme. Particulars of the artwork are used as signs for diverse features of the International Day for Biological Diversity.


2014 - Island Biodiversity

2013 - Water and Biodiversity

2012 - Marine Biodiversity

2011 - Forest Biodiversity

2010 - Biodiversity, Development and Poverty Alleviation

2009 - Invasive Alien Species

2008 - Biodiversity and Agriculture

2007 - Biodiversity and Climate Change

2006 - Protect Biodiversity in Drylands

2005 - Biodiversity: Life Insurance for our Changing World

2004 - Biodiversity: Food, Water and Health for All

2003 - Biodiversity and poverty alleviation - challenges for sustainable development

2002 - Dedicated to forest biodiversity

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