International Dawn Chorus Day 2017

International Dawn Chorus Day 2017 celebrations on May 7

International Dawn Chorus day is an annual event aimed at encouraging people to rise early to listen the bird’s songs, at organized events. The first event was held at Moseley Bog in Birmingham, England by the Urban Wildlife Trust in 1984. Wildlife Trusts are the largest UK voluntary organization with nearly 800,000 members, dedicated in conserving the whole range of the UK's habitats and species.

International Dawn Chorus Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in May, every year. It is noticeable in spring because this is a good time to listen bird’s songs. Birds start to sing as daylight begins. Birds are most vocal and melodious at this time because they are either defending a breeding territory or trying to attract a mate. The best time to listen dawn chorus is around 5 am. In UK, dawn chorus begin at 4 am in early summer. The most often heard species of birds are as follows: - Blackbird, Robin, Wren, Chaffinch, Tawny Owl, Common Pheasant, Warblers, Song Thrush, Gunlock and Goldfinch.

International Dawn Chorus Day is the worldwide celebration of Nature's beauty and Miracle. It is organized by the Wildlife Trust of Birmingham and the Black Country, a UK registered charity. This year International Dawn Chorus Day is on 3rd May 2015. This year there will be more opportunities to join this exciting celebration. As the events from all over the world and across the UK will be listed on this particular website: -, visiting the website regularly lets you know what is planned in your area.

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