International Credit Union Day 2015 Theme

International Credit Union Day 2015 theme is "People Helping People", 2014 theme is Local Service. Global Good.

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International Credit Union Day Slogans

2013 theme is "Credit Unions Unite for Good: A Better Way"

2012 theme is "Members Matter Most"

2011 theme is "Credit Unions Build a Better World."

2010 theme is "Local. Trusted. Serving You."

2009 theme is "Your Money. Your Choice. Your Credit Union"

2008 theme is "My Credit Union: It Belongs to Me"

2007 theme is "Credit Unions: Together We're Better"

2006 theme is "Credit Unions: Making a World of Difference"

2005 theme is "Credit Unions: Members Make It Happen"

2004 theme is "Credit Unions: Dream ... Belong... Achieve."

2003 theme is "Credit Unions: The Heart of Our Communities"

2002 theme is "Building a Better Tomorrow"

2001 theme is "Catch Our Spirit!

2000 theme is "Join Us! 100 million credit union members worldwide

1999 theme is "Celebrate! The credit union difference

1998 theme is "Although the times may change, our principles will not

1997 theme is "Not for profit, not for charity, but for service

1996 theme is "Credit Unions: Picture the possibilities

1995 theme is "Credit unions bring people together

1993 theme is "The power of partnership

1992 theme is "Credit Unions: A universal language

1991 theme is "Credit Unions: Passport to opportunity

1990 theme is "Credit Unions: Creating a global vision

1989 theme is "Credit Unions: One voice

1988 theme is "Credit Unions: United-Unique

1987 theme is "Credit unions light the way

1986 theme is "The universal language of credit unions

1985 theme is "Credit union youth-our next generation

1984 theme is "Credit Unions: Cooperatives First

1983 theme is "Tell the world

1982 theme is "A strong and growing family

1981 theme is "America's credit unions-a family 44 million strong

1980 theme is "People helping people to lead better lives

1979 theme is "Better living in any language

1978 theme is "Sharing is the whole idea

1973 theme is "Your Credit Union: It's where you belong

1972 theme is "Help make credit unions worldwide

1970 theme is "Invest in humanity

1969 theme is "We care, we share

1967 theme is "People helping people for the dignity of mankind

1966 theme is "Better living in any language

1965 theme is "Opportunity, security and service to all

1964 theme is "Credit Unions: A friend in need, a partner's progress

1963 theme is "Helping hands in many lands

1962 theme is "People helping people to economic progress

1961 theme is "We help each other-Join us

1960 theme is "Credit union day-all over the world

1956 theme is "To give thanks for your credit union blessing. To make plans for a great future.

1954 theme is "Serving people worldwide

1948 theme is "Now is the time to build a better world through credit unions

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