International Childfree Day 2017

What is International Childfree Day

The origin of the day is based on a celebration in the early 1970s, when the National Organization for Non-Parents selected a female and male non-parent of the year. International  Childfree Day came 40 years later to honor this path breaking event. The process begins as early as June when the nominations for Childfree Woman and Man of the Year begin. The details of the process, including the nominations are available on the official website. A panel of judges chooses the winning candidates  and the announcement is done the same day itself. The winners receive a token prize symbolizing their win.

Understanding the Origin of the Day

While there are many who are childless due to various reasons including medical conditions, they do not qualify to be nominated for this award. This award is specifically for those who are child free by choice. International Childfree Day is a celebration of the courage of those who dared to be different and made a conscious decision to be child free. The importance of the day lies in understanding the reasons for its origin. The many activities on this day generate awareness of this choice before us today.

Planning Activities to Generate Awareness

Interestingly, there are many who have not even heard about International Child free Day, let alone know the importance of the day or make plans on how to celebrate the day. Celebrated on 1st of August every year, generating awareness about this day is a step in the right direction. This day represents a segment of people who believe that by being child free they are able to make a better contribution to  society. Staying child free is a choice among many people in the present generation. Yet there are many who do not understand this choice.

Celebrating the Importance of the Day

Growing children need time and attention. Sometimes people get so caught up in their careers that they are unable to find time to meet the needs of a child. Rather than subject young minds to the trauma of handling daily life on limited attention from parents, many choose to remain child-free. There are many innovative ways and activities to celebrate the importance of the day. You could choose to celebrate the day alone or with friends and family.

Wondering How to Celebrate the Day

Activities to celebrate the day include sending out thank you cards to all those who have supported your choice. Plan a get together with all your friends and family who have made similar choices. Write a letter to someone who has been against your decision, telling them about the reasons for your choice so that they can understand. Share with them facets of your life that showcase your life and how life is turning out great. Plan a festive dinner with loved ones or spend time at the beach. Send notes to family and friends who chose to remain child free and let them know how happy you feel for them. So stop wondering how to celebrate the day and instead go out and have fun!

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