International Animation Day 2017

Like the name suggests, this day celebrates the rich history and growth of animation. Animation has been a major component in plays and films for children in particular. The interesting history of animation can be seen in the various events organized to commemorate the importance of the day. What began as a small celebration has now metamorphosed into an international event with participants from all over the world.  This is a great opportunity to bring life to your creations. Celebrate the day by designing your storyboards, and using simple techniques to bring them to life.

Tracing the origin of the Day

This day originated in 2002, when October 28th was declared International Animation Day to commemorate a great event in the history of animation. On this day in 1892, Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optique had its first public performance at the famed Grevin Museum in Paris. The importance of the day can only be emphasized by sharing the technological advances and soaking in the rich history as you explore and understand the growth of animation since inception. Activities on this day are a celebration of the growth of this industry and its contribution to the world.

Understanding the Importance of the Day

The origin of the day celebrates the coming of age of animation technology. Many events are organized to celebrate the importance of the day to the history of animation. The various activities include screening animated films, exhibiting stills and other artworks, organizing workshops and providing various technical demonstrations. All these activities aim to promote the art and growth of animation. Celebrated in over 40 countries across all continents, the individual details of how to celebrate the day are left to local organizers. The aim of these celebrations is to make the art of animation easily accessible to the masses.

Interesting Plans on How to Celebrate the Day

The programs planned for the day include full length and short animation films, student films, historical features and all varieties of animation art.  Techniques displayed in these films include animating objects and puppets through various mediums like drawing, painting, clay, paper, sand and computer technologies. Since most animated films do not use speech they facilitate cross cultural communication. Thus, this day is a celebration  of cross border exchange of ideas and culture. It appreciates the fact that animated stories are a celebration of life across cultural and geographical borders.

Activities that Explain the Latest Trends in Animation

The latest technological advances in animation have been a boost to the industry. Softwares like Maya have changed the face of animation technology. Tasks that required hours of work have been reduced drastically while providing a much superior output, including 3- imaging as was seen in animated movies like the Penguins of Madagascar. Activities like program exchanges bring together participants from all over the world and facilitate an interesting exchange of ideas and technological knowhow. The importance of the day is obvious in its efforts to create a uniform availability of technical know-how and resources in animation.

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