Insurance for International Students in USA

Health insurance for international students in USA is a mandatory requirement in many universities. Owing to the expensive healthcare system, health insurance has become an essential expense for everyone. Especially, international students cannot afford to go without one, as they would not be able to meet the emergency health care costs in the country without that. Not just emergency, even a minor injury or illness can be a big financial burden for them. Most healthcare centers may not even provide treatment without sufficient health cover or proof of financial backing. To avoid the predicament, the educational institutes insist that their international students have at least the basic health cover.

Most institutes offer choices of insurance for international students in USA through their international services department. However, it is always better to choose one on your own, provided you have enough knowledge and research to do so. Different types of insurance plans with different options are available in the market for international students.

The international student health insurance policies, generally, cover emergencies, prescription drugs, dental needs, maternity/pregnancy, evacuation, repatriation, AD&D, air accident, home country medical expenses, and medical reunion.

How to Choose Insurance for International Students in USA

 The first step in purchasing insurance policy of any kind is to gather enough information on all the possible choices. Many aggregate websites would let you get and compare insurance quotes from several providers at once. Following are the factors to compare or consider.

  • All expenses to be covered under the policy, the exclusions and the percentage of coverage of the expenses need to be compared across the policies.
  • The deductible, co-insurance and maximum benefits should also be evaluated.
  • Medical repatriation and evacuation need to be covered.
  • The expenses that would be compensated need to be known.
  • The deductibles are as important to consider as the monthly premiums.
  • Adherence of the university or college’s medical insurance requirements must be verified.

Not just the cost of the insurance, but the entire package, the claim disbursal record of the company and customer reviews need to be considered and evaluated.

The companies would require the following details to process your application.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Spouse and/or dependant’s (if they need coverage) age
  • Coverage limit
  • Deductible amount
  • Period of cover
  • Country of origin/citizenship
  • Countries in which insurance coverage is needed
  • Mailing address
  • Permanent address
  • School name
  • Visa Status

 Benefits of Insurance for International Students in USA

International students do have the option of buying insurance from providers in their home country. However, choosing to go with a provider in the US has its own benefits. You can get customized plans, you will be able to contact the provider immediately in case of emergencies, claims can be processed quickly, and in most cases, the coverage is more affordable.

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