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Informatica is a software package which has several components which constitute data integration.  This package can be used by businesses of different sizes and from different fields like finance, oil and gas etc. to help in date migration, warehousing, consolidating, synchronization and even data management. 

Informatica is known as the best ETL tool available on the market - ETL refers to the process of extracting information from any database, transforming it and then loading it to a new database or warehouse.  This is useful in upgrading databases and consolidating information into easily understandable formats. 

Informatica Course Components:

Informatica is a new program which has specialized tools – it is important for people who work or eventually use it to get training so that they can work efficiently.   Some important components that are covered by an online course are as follows:

  • Overview of the program and its architecture
  • Different Interfaces like Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, and Repository Manager Etc.
  • Defining Source Objects and how to import data
  • Defining Target Objects and sending data to new files
  • Defining and mapping Data Flows using SQL
  • How to use Workflow – learning tools, structure, new connections, tasks, design process, properties, links and so on
  • Monitoring and managing Workflow
  • Using Debugger tool to make the process smooth
  • Using Filters like Where and What if
  • Using tools like Sorter, Aggregator, Joiner and Lookup to work with data
  • Sending information to new Target Files
  • Working with Update Strategy to change information
  • Using Router Transformation
  • Working with Parameters and Variables
  • Using Unconnected Lookups and Mapplets
  • Working with Error Logs
  • Configuring Workflows and using Reusable tasks

Informatica Online Training:

There are several sites offering online training for Informatica and other database management programs.  Each site offers different packages for training – individual and corporate.  As far as Informatica training is concerned, there are many options to choose from, including the software developer’s website.  Online training is available for all of their modules – check the fees and the number of hours per module before signing up.

Course Fees:

Fees vary depending on the number of modules and number of people enrolling for the course. Checking with different training companies will give prospective users an idea about the depth of learning and course affordability.

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