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Informatica’s Master Data Management (MDM) system has been designed to meet every company’s unique needs. It works by adapting to the data chosen for the model or one can use pre-existing Informatica templates. It helps to maintain all the relevant changes and history which is so important for compliance and auditing.


What makes this package unique is that it can quickly identify duplicate data (master information) in any kind of format and source.  It is scalable too and is very good in searches based on master data in different languages and accommodates the complexity of a business.  It also has the capacity to understand and enable dynamic and hierarchical management of relationships in data. It also has tools to help in comprehensive workflow management and meet any required governance policy.

Informatica MDM Hub Training Course Details:

There are different modules available in MDM based on the various aspects of a business and components such as products, customers, partners and suppliers and how all this data is connected.  Companies in the field of finance, manufacturing, life sciences, retail companies, health care and even Government organizations can use MDM to help in duplicating data to streamline their operations, cut costs and generate more revenue.  The MDM hub consists of 3 tiers:

  • Database Server: This is where the information is stored and can be any RDBMS like Oracle etc.
  • Application Server: This is where the security and data access takes place.  Applications use J2EE applications which have to meet certain compliance standards and can be accessed using Weblogic or Websphere.
  • User Interface: This particular layer uses MDM to perform needed management tasks. Access can be limited based on the responsibility assigned to individual users.

How to pick the right online training center:

Since this is a fairly new tool added to the Informatica family, online training is currently being offered only by the software developer’s website.

Price details:

Learning this aspect of Informatica can be quite expensive depending on the type of business a company is in. Prices vary.

Introduction to Informatica MDM Hub and basic troubleshooting


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