Informatica Analyst 9 Online Training


The newest Informatica Analyst 9 tool helps analysts and business managers to do the following:

  • analyze data
  • create new profiles
  • create rules for data
  • track and monitor quality trends
  • publish and share data metrics
  • help with collaborations between management and developers by sharing rules and profile information
  • engaging everyone involved in improving data

Informatica Analyst 9 Course Description:

When one signs up for this course, they can expect to learn the following:

  • How to use the Analyst GUI
  • Handling Metadata and Accessing and importing Data
  • Column Profiles
  • Spotting frequency in data/patterns/statistics
  • Rule Profiling
  • Handling Rules
  • Managing Reference tables
  • Project Collaboration and
  • Scorecarding for Data Quality

Benefits of Analyst 9:

The latest version of Informatica offers the Analyst 9 feature which helps with support of data integration for Cloud applications by using cloud infrastructure.  Analyst is a brand new tool as is the data steward feature.  The premise is that it will allow unified administration the Power Center and Exchange from the same console to maintain data consistency and quality.  The entire program will ensure streamlined operations for Workflow and other aspects.

Choosing the Best Online Training Center:

When trying to choose an online training program, ensure that the trainers have adequate experience and are up to date with their skills.  There are several training centers offering online training courses. Check out the requirements and the modules being offered before signing up.


One way to find out is to write to the software developers’ website and request information on training and prices for each program.  Pricing may vary from company to company and is based on individual modules.

Informatica 9 Online training


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