Indian General Elections History

Indian General Elections History
About Indian Election Commission:

The Election Commission of India (ECI) is an independent legal body of India. ECI was formed on 25th January, 1950.

Indian Election Commission and Formation:

The Election commission was formed with a Chief Election Commissioner and two Election Commissioners. Our present Chief Election Commissioner N. Gopalaswami was elected on 29th June, 2006.

Indian Election Commission Powers and Responsibilities:

The responsibilities of the Election Commission of India are planning and executing of General elections. The ECI is also responsible for commencement of General elections in all parts of India (central and State wise) and Indian government services & Police forces are utilized during the General elections. The Chief Election Commissioner declares the General Elections dates.

The function of the Indian Election Commission:

The Election Commission (EC) has divided the Constituencies and prepared the electoral rolls. The EC recognizes all the Political Parties and allot the symbols to the respective parties. The EC scrutinizes the nominations list and conduct the Polling. As per the General elections results the winning party will form the Government

Indian General Ellections 2009 Loka Sabha and Assembly Elections Results
Lok Sabha Power Equation Information Available: - 543/543
Party Won
UPA 262
NDA 157
Third Front 80
Fourth Front 27
Others 17

Andhra Pradesh Information Available: - 294/294
Party Won
INC 186
TDP 45
TRS 26
Others 37

Orissa Information Available: - 146/147
Party Won
INC 37
BJP 32
BJD 61
Others 16

Sikkim Information Available: - 32/32
Party Won
SDF 31

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