What is the ICTS Test ?

Illinois Certification Testing System is often abbreviated as ICTS Test. A ICTS Test is a group of several tests a person must pass in order to teach in a school in the state of Illinois. This test is also applicable to all those persons applying for a school service personnel and those seeking administrative certificates. The ICTS Test was developed by Pearson's Evaluation Systems group to meet the necessities and requirements of the State of Illinois relating to the certification of educators.

Eligibilities and Requirements

Eligibility: The ICTS test is a objective based test aligned with state and national standards. Of the following seven topics, one can choose according to your field of interest and criteria.

Basic Skills Test: This test comprises of 125 multiple-choice questions on reading, comprehension, language arts, math, and essay writing assignment.

Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT) Tests: This set of tests evaluates the professional and pedagogical skills of candidates. Each of this test has 120 multiple choice questions and two written assignments.

Content-Area Tests: This section has 124 multiple choice questions with Special Education General Curriculum Test as an exception.

Foreign Language Content-Area Tests: The foreign languages such as French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Russian, and Spanish test have 100 multiple choice questions as well as two written assignments. The Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarian, Japanese, and Korean test have seven written assignments and no multiple-choice questions.

Learning Behavior Specialist II (LBS II) Tests: Each of these tests have six written assignment of which only three are associated with a case study.

Tests for Removal of a Learning Behavior Specialist I (LBSI I) Limitation Only: Each of the tests in this category has 125 multiple choice questions.

Language Proficiency Tests for the Transitional Bilingual Certificate: The English Language Proficiency test and Target Language Proficiency test have 55 multiply choice questions and two written assignments.

Requirements: The ICTS Tests is a state-wide requirement for Admission to Teacher Education. This test requires selecting teachers for certification programs. However, the candidates are strongly recommended to take the ICTS test during their freshman year or in the second year of college.

How to Apply

For the paper based ICTS Test, the candidate can register by Internet, U.S mail or telephone. For a computer based registration, the candidate has to register well in time since it is on first-come-first-serve bases.

How to Prepare

The Basic Skills Test Framework renders information on the content covered on the basic skills test in Reading Comprehension, Language Arts, Math, and Writing.

How is the Tests Ranked ?

The minimum score required for passing the ICTS Test is 240.

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