The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) offers a series of rigorous tests to ensure that the highest regulation is maintained in the administrative profession. Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) assessments are offered by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) for certification purposes.

Certification demonstrates commitment and professionalism. An administrative professional is a person accountable for doing administrative jobs, manages data in order to aid the staff and workplace, and wants to become more skillful both personally and professionally in the field. Integrity, encouragement, leadership, loyalty, professionalism and other features add to the core values of IAAP.

The IAAP-CPS Test consists of three sections, and all of which are multiple choice questions. Section 1 consists of 175 questions on Office Systems and Technology to be answered in two and a half hours. The topics in this section is concentrated on Computer Hardware, Systems, and Configuration, Document Layout, Design, and Reproduction, Software, Managing Physical Resources.

Section 2 comprises of Office Administration with 175 questions on Records Management, and Communication. Section 3 comprises of 175 questions on Management and Human Resources with topics including Human Resources, Accounting Procedures and Analysis, Time Management, and Communication.


To write IAAP-CPS Test, the candidate must have:

  • Any bachelor's degree and two years of administrative experience
  • An associate degree and three years of applicable professional experience
  • Four years of experience if the candidate does not possess any degree.


The IAAP-CPS study guide covers all the skills required for a professional secretary with all the technological and cultural changes. An updated IAAP-CPS study guide is necessary to help you pass the exam and get you a desired job.

Prepare the tips and tricks for solving the multiple choice questions that will increase your score. These tricks are prepared by professionals and will help you excel in the IAAP-CPS multiple choice exam.


The CPS Exam is graded on a scale of pass/fail cut-score. Your performance report is mailed to you 45 days after taking the exam which will reveal your pass/fail status along with the scores of all the three sections of the IAAP-CPS Exam. If you fail in any one of the sections, you just have to retake the exam of that particular section by paying a minimal amount of fee.

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