What is IAAP-CAP Test ?

The International Association of American Professionals is often abbreviated as IAAP. The IAAP offers the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) assessment test. Becoming registered and certified proves the commitment and professionalism that you are expected to show towards your job. Integrity, encouragement, leadership, loyalty, professionalism, significance, pride, connection, and individual importance are the core values of IAAP.

An administrative person is one who is accountable for doing administrative jobs, manages data to support the workplace and staff and wants to become more proficient both personally and professionally in this field.

The IAAP-CAP Test is a multiple choice exam with a four-section test. The entire test will take a day and a half. The candidate must take all the sections when he/she attempts it first. If the candidate fails to clear one or more sections, he may take the test again up to six times in three years.

The IAAP-CAP test consists of four sections. The first section is the Office Systems and Technology. This evaluates the candidate's knowledge regarding the computer hardware system, the document layout design and reproduction and many other subheads. The second section consists of Office Administration which assesses the candidate's ability to handle records and communicate with others.

The third section tests the Management abilities of the candidate, his performance with human resource management and other staff and clients. The fourth section is related to the Advanced Organizational Management where the candidate is checked for organizational planning and advanced administration.

How to Prepare

A dedicated team of expert researchers prepare a complete IAAP-CAP Study Guide by which you can benefit to a great extend. This study guide includes everything you need, including complete review and practice test all prepared by experts.

How is the Test Ranked ?

The scoring or the ranking of any exam or tests depends on how well you prepare yourself for the exam. However, the basics of every section of this exam are a must if you have planned not to study hard. Each section of the IAAP-CAP Test is ranked individually and shown as the section marks. The passing score may vary for all the four sections of the IAAP-CAP test.

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