I Want You To Be Happy Day 2015

Image: pixabay

Have you ever thought of making others happy in an unselfish way? If not, why don’t you make others laugh by spreading the joy of happiness on this special day of “I want you to be happy day”. Every year it is celebrated on March 3rd and focuses mainly on reaching out friends, family or loved ones to make them feel special by wishing them lots of happiness. Rather than thinking ourselves in a selfish way, dedicate this day of “I want you to be happy day” to others whom we care for or love most by sending flowers or gifts or small gestures or whatever way you choose to make the other person happy.

Celebrating this special holiday:

  • You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to make the people happy or see the broad smiles on their faces on “I want you to be happy day”. There are endless ways and hundreds of ideas to make others happy which includes a small bouquet of flowers, sending a greeting card, making positive compliments, buying lunch or dinner or cooking a special meal etc.
  • Dedicate few hours of your busy schedule to improve the lives of others on this wonderful day “ I want you to be happy day”  by helping them with their needs or saying generous words or showing love and concern.

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